Feeling thankful

There are so many awesome giveaways out there and today I just want to draw your attention to the few on my sidebar....right there to the right. There are a couple that have me super duper excited, how about you?

Now to start the week out right.....this Monday I am thankful for

  • My toe is healing (by the standards of my ouch-factor when I put shoes on).
  • Fun times baking with my darling daughter.
  • My darling daughter's enthusiasm over new boots.
  • That my furlough is about to end (and I really need it to right about now).
  • Being able to go see my family in Texas soon. Did I tell you I was going there for thanksgiving?
  • Christmas wish lists. When else can a kid dream so big? And yes, running moms can dream of new running shoes, Body Glide, nuun, GU gels, race entries, new tunes.....and no, I am not getting all that!
  • The full moon - it lights up the sky beautifully on my early morning drives. 

Have a beautiful day!


  1. wohooo! I love gratitude days

  2. Great list! I lucky enough to have two places to be on Thanksgiving day. Luckily they are close enough to manage...although the two meals might be more than I can handle!

  3. Love days of gratitude ;)!

  4. Glad your toe is doing better! Love your Christmas wish list!

  5. Yay on the toe!! This really is a great way to start the week!

  6. Very nice list!

    Thanks for the link to my food blog giveaway on your sidebar.

    I am glad your toe is not as sore... must be getting better, right?

    Off to Texas for Thanksgiving. Awesome!

    I always loved new boots when I was a kid too.


  7. Mahalo for all the love and well wishes! And yeah, that list still gives me a warm bubbly feeling.

  8. Enjoy the family for Thanksgiving. Glad the toe is healing. And yes ... the moon was beautiful. Have a wonderful blessed week my friend.

  9. Thanks again for all the well wishes!


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