Columbia Drainmakers - Product Review

 I was given a pair of shoes (at no charge) from the retail store at the company I work at to review (I do not work for Columbia and receive no compensation from them).

The buyers saw these shoes and thought they may be something nice to promote to runners but wanted a runner to test them out first.

They are the Drainmakers by Columbia in raspberry dove.

As a committed runner I was instantly unsure because I never thought of Columbia as a running shoe company, but I opened my mind and heart in order to give a truthful review of these shoes to the buyers. After all, that is what they were looking for.

Fit - Immediately the feel was different. I traditionally wear a size 8 in standard shoes and an 8.5 in running shoes. The shoes I was given were a size 8.5. They felt a bit roomy in the toe box, more so than I would ideally like. I am still uncertain if I could go down a 1/2 size or if it is just the design.

Shoe - It is lightweight and flexible and reminds me of the Nike Free Run, but with less cushioning. The sole has physical holes in it for water drainage. I question how this impacts the durability of the shoe over time.

I started my test with short runs and it was post-marathon so I was a little less worried about any negative impacts. The sole is grippier than I am used to and kind of bugged me on my road runs but I could see how it would be beneficial in other environments.

Do I recommend this shoe? Yes and No. I will not run in this shoe for longer durations but it could be used for some cross training. I question the impact it will have on my body and I am used to shoes with a bit more stability right now. Remember, I do have that pesky piriformis thing going on. I think this is the perfect shoe for watery environments, as it was designed for, with the drainage. Think canoeing, fishing, possibly hiking, tidepooling even.

Please note: I received no compensation for this review and the opinions are solely my own.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Odd photo shoots
  • Product reviews
  • The smell of freshly mopped floors
  • Sunshine
  • Shelter from wind

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  1. Interesting! Thanks for the review!


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