The Best Christmas Gift, right?

The best gift if the gift you would love to receive too, right?

Not always. I can think of many things I would love but my sisters, mom, or co-workers would not feel the joy of it. But perhaps the gift I would love to receive my husband would love to receive, right? Not always. I am sure he would definitely not love this running skirt I adore.

But I did get (and give) him a gift I wouldn't mind receiving myself. And no, it wasn't this either.

Instead, I gave my husband a race entry into the Maui Oceanfront Marathon! It has distances ranging from a 5K to a full marathon and I did ask him what his preferred distance would be. And since the race day is January 22, 2012, I felt it appropriate that he officially received his gift now rather than later, say on December 25, 2011.

With all that said, Merry Christmas my dear hubby. I hope on January 22, 2012 you will still fully appreciate this gift to you....your chance to run your first marathon! Good luck!

Course Map

Do you see the love in this? My co-workers failed to see it. They kinda thought I was crazy. One told me that it was the worst gift ever. Really, I would love to have a race entry, or anything running related, as a gift....if I was given ample time to prep. I don't think I would love to open a race entry gift and discover I was going to run a marathon in a week. Not so pleasant. I am too compulsive about my training and running.

But how about you, would you love this gift?

Now here is the secret --- I am strategically planning the racing desires of dear hubby and myself to alleviate stress in our relationship that pertains to us both wanting to run and having a darling daughter to tend to. If we aim to take turns, there is one parent for parental duties and to be the cheerleader while the other gets to fully enjoy the run (although, I don't think dear hubby ever worries about the other stuff like I do). Yes, I do want us to work to run together more but thinking training and smaller races are more ideal. And why shouldn't we take turns supporting and cheering the other on? And one other added benefit, it is easier on the pocketbook.

Today I am grateful for:
  • The opportunities to race
  • Holiday joy
  • Giving the gift of love and running
  • Convenient finish lines
  • Support from loved ones


  1. I would love that gift! I would also love my wife to bring the kids to see me race :( She's a very new runner and we have been to cheer her on. The kids only saw me race when my parents brought them to a race that we were both doing (yeah, I'm a bit bitter she won't make the effort to bring them).

  2. I think that's a wonderful gift - especially with plenty of time to prepare!

  3. I would LOVE to get that gift...especially if it came with air fare to Hawaii. We New Englanders need a break from the snow time to time!!! I actually asked people for money for racing for Christmas!

  4. I think it's a phenomenal idea for a gift!! I truly hope he enjoys it!

  5. yeah!!! Others are crazy like me!!! I hope he loves the gift as much as I do.

    @Running Moose, we all seem to have something we are bitter about but I hope your wife one day brings the kids to see you run. I know how much it means to me to have my family there.

  6. I would LOVE this gift too - my own hubby who is kinda 'eh' about running might not be as thrilled to get it but I think he'd maybe, kinda, sorta eventually would warm up to it.

  7. That's a wonderful gift!


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