Why lead a group run?

I have always been a solo runner except when I added in the jogging stroller. When I run in races, I tend to find myself a little bubble to run in...not surrounded by people, but surrounded by space.

So why do I have this itching desire to lead a running group?

The answer is simple.

I love to run. I feel I am meant to run and that through running I learn many life lessons. I am driven to share my love of running to others. I want to provide the support I wished for in the early months after having my child.

I was a runner who opted to not run during my pregnancy and it took me time to get back into the groove. Not because of lack of desire but lack of confidence, motivation, etc. I lived on a street I couldn't just go out the door and run with a jogging stroller. My jogging stroller at the time barely fit into my car. It was a lot of effort and I worried about how old my child should be before I bump her around in a stroller while running.

Granted, I did look for mommy and me exercise groups. ANY KIND WOULD DO! But to my dismay, they were all offered when I had to be at work. No good. And none were running focused, except for a stroller running group on another island.

Now I am at the phase in my life where I want to provide that opportunity to others --- the opportunity to join a running group no matter what your fitness level. You are welcome as a newbie. You are welcome with a jogging stroller. You are welcome as a guy. Residents are welcome. Visitors are welcome.

Currently, I am aiming for one run a week on Saturday mornings, upcountry, at 8:00 am. I felt this was a good time because it was early, but not too early. Moms could come with kiddos, or leave kiddos with significant others. Runners upcountry can join other upcountry runners and currently, there is really an upcountry running group on the island.

Will you help me spread the word?

Today I am grateful for:
  • My darling daughter not crying when I dropped her off at school.
  • Strawberry shaped reusable bags.
  • Clear skies.
  • Sunshine. 
  • Comfortable shoes.


  1. Group running is key to building a community and pushing your limits. Long runs on the weekend can be a great starting place. Maybe a weekly track workout?

  2. I think a running group sounds wonderful, and would love to join one in my neck of the woods!!!

  3. I think that's a great goal to have and would love to do the same someday! Kuddo's to you!!!

  4. I ran in a group before I moved here, but have run alone since. I think I'm going to join a group after I have this baby. I do miss it! Hooray for you taking this step. I think it's great!

  5. @ Joanna, Thanks and I am glad to hear you are thinking about joining a group! It will be good for you and baby!!


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