Tuesday Tunes and More

I must start today with a confession. I am getting way too grouchy for my own good. I am a runner and I really need to run. I have been so busy I haven't even found the time to try on my running shoes again, until yesterday since I was escalating in my grouchiness. I picked the shoes with the roomiest toe box and still was greeted with intense discomfort. Yes, I was able to wobble along in them but am frustrated that I am not entirely good to go yet. It made me so depressed but instead of doing something unhealthy, I ended up doing a couple of sets of Skimble Sexy Lean Legs and a round of Sun Salutation yoga. It was a short workout but had me sweating and increased my heartbeat. However, I was still grouchy.

Now for confession two -- when I get restless inside I start to make unhealthy eating choices -- which makes me feel yuckier. I am confessing this because I hope that it will increase my accountability and drive me to get back onto the right track.

I will be healthy and I will run.....very soon!

Today's tune: We Are Young by 3OH!3

Today I am grateful for:
  • The massage my dear hubby gave me last night.
  • Good health. Okay, my toe may be a bugger but I am healthy and strong!
  • Succulent plants.
  • Clean blinds.
  • New opportunities.

P.S. Have you checked out the Bondi Band giveaway? It is your chance to try one free and the design is inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness month. We can wear a pink ribbon every now and then!


  1. I know its frustrating, but this minor setback now is better than a bigger one later. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way!

  2. et grouchy too without a run; you'll be running again before you know it, keep your head up :) Don't get mad at yourself it you make a bad decision eating just forgive yourself and make your next choice healthy :)

  3. UGH, sorry the toe is still problematic. Hopefully you'll find relief soon. About the food--I'm the same way. I honestly suspect chronic overeating is as much about tummies that are used to a large quantity of food as it is about emotions.

  4. Thanks Ladies! I just realized although it feels like an eternity, it has just been over two weeks. Feels like months!

    @Joanna, I totally agree with tummies getting used to more and the emotions. For me, I know my stress levels can cause me to make bad food choices so I am trying to replace them with less bad but still "indulgent". When I get stressed at work now, my co-workers are leaning to leaving jalapenos or avocados on my desk. Now if only I had a jalapeno with the avocado!


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