Tuesday Tunes and More

Aloha Friends!

First, I saw this video of Form Drills by Runner's World. It includes some simple exercises, some of which I have been incorporating into my strength training and core workouts, and I just had to share. Check it out HERE.

Second, I achieved my goal of getting active after work yesterday. I opted to workout with guidance from the Nike Training Club (NTC) app. I have been using this app and Skimble, and honestly, I think I like them equally. They both have their pros and cons but I was so into trying to unlock my next reward with NTC so I went there. I started with the Ab Buster and followed it up with the Glute Buster with some focus on inner and outer thighs as well. Both were 15 minutes long for a total 30 minute workout. Pretty good and my toe held up just fine.

How do the workouts go? I am using the Get Focused plans right now and they seem to have the same structure. Each 15 minute workout is broken into 5 minute segments. You do exercises for 4:30 and then there is a 30 second rest before you repeat the drill, and then again. I have taken to skipping the rest and doing something else active during those 30 seconds but I do make sure I am working a different muscle group. For some, I can see the rests may be necessary but I don't really need them. And it is odd to end on a rest anyhow.  And yes, unlocking the next reward was enough incentive to keep me going when my daughter wanted me to do something else. Don't worry --- she got my full attention afterwards and it makes me a better mommy to work up a sweat.

Now on to the Tuesday Tunes. Many of us listen to play lists when we run or workout. For those who can run it solo --- congrats and I am sure you still listen to tunes and have some favorites. To spark conversation about some good upbeat tunes, or just good relaxing tunes, I am aiming to "introduce" a song weekly and please, feel free to vote for songs for me to share. I would love to hear what you are hearing!

Introducing "Another One Bites the Dust" from Queen --- not a song you will hear me listening to on a standard day but it has a great running beat and I have been loving it with my workouts recently. Imagine crunches, etc. to the beat of the song.

Today I am grateful for:
  • A cool giveaway I am about to announce!
  • Enhancing random nature pictures!
  • Challenges - I really need to write a post on the two challenges I am about to embark on and why. But for now, check out their buttons on my sidebar.
  • Gift Certificates - I just got $5 from Famous Footwear as a birthday gift!
  • Philanthropy!


  1. So glad the toe held up! I have the Nike app, I keep forgetting to try it. Another one bites the dust has a great running beat! Excited to hear about this giveaway :)

  2. I am a music-runner at heart. Looking forward to the weekly suggestions, I am always on the hunt for new tunes!

  3. That's a great old song! I don't listen to music when I run, but if I did, I would absolutely add this to my list. Good call!

  4. @MegO - Me too! I will be running in no time!

    To all -- thanks for the happy tune thoughts! I can't wait to share more!


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