Training Paces

Earlier this week I posted about my training plan for a speedy half marathon. You can find it HERE. I have made some modifications permanently on the plan (versus just in my mind) after some reader feedback. I am loving my plan! Thing is, as of now I don't know if I will be able to implement my plan. But instead of scratching it, I am still focused on the plan and will make changes later if the toe insists.

What is my goal? To set a new PR at the Run for the Whales half marathon on 2.4.12. I ran a 2:02 last year and hope to break 2 hours. Now, keep in mind, the course is being officially measured this year and that may impact things but my other half marathon times are not too off and I feel my goal is still attainable.

In the past I have pretty much ran by feel. I would do intervals that felt harder or picked up my pace for tempo runs but I never really had a target pace I was striving for. This time, things are going to be different. I want to have those benchmarks. Therefore, I needed to get my training paces set and documented.

To start, I determined my goal pace for the half marathon (assuming even splits but I can adjust that later if desire). I went to a half marathon pace calculator and input 1 hour 59 minutes. I didn't get fancy with inputting fades. Here is what I got:

Next, I needed to know my different training paces for different levels of running intensity. For this I went to the training calculator at Runner's World.  I input the half marathon distance and the 1 hour 59 minute goal. Here is what I got when I checked out my training paces:

I liked the distance finishing times as well as they could serve as great benchmarks for the races I have up to the Run for the Whales.

So to sum it all up....to run a 1:59:00 half marathon I need an overall pace of 9'05". That is my goal pace.
  • My long runs should be between 10'29" to 11'48" (this may be the hard one for me since I like to practice maintaining my goal pace....but with more speed work in the week perhaps it is necessary to ease up...what are your thoughts?)
  • My easy runs on Thursdays should be at 10'29" (really?).
  • My tempo runs should be at 8'46"and I will be doing some of that on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • My fast speed work should be at 7'19" and I will be doing some of that on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Today I am grateful for:
  • Online pace calculators
  • Technology that helps you track pace on the go....when all goes well
  • Screenshots
  • Google documents
  • Quiet rooms


  1. I love pace calculators, too (I have a couple books that have the same charts as well). Your long runs during training are to build endurance, not speed so they should be slower than your race pace since you are not racing. The goal paces are added in to the long runs so that your body can get used to running at that pace. The tempo paces will help with that as well. Trust in the plan!! Unless you have a heart rate monitor...then check out Friel's book "Total Heart Rate Training" :) I just switched to training by heart rate this past summer and I don't plan on going back!!

  2. Hmm, I like that tool. I should go check that out. I'm not looking to be speedy these days, but I do like to have goals and plans in place. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about training at goal pace. My long runs started out at 10:50 for a 10:18 marathon goal pace. It was very hard to run that slow first of all, but as I got used to it, I worried that I would "memorize" the pace and not be able to run any faster at the marathon.
    Luckily, my coach has started varying the pace on my long runs, but I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  4. Thanks for the feedback. It does seem to make sense that the longer runs are slower with the speed work factored in. I will trust the plan and get wait to put it into action. If I don't get to aim for 2/4 to PR I will PR on 4/1 with the Wahine Half!!!


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