Thank Goodness for Monday because....

I need a break from my weekend.

My weekend was AMAZING! It was the busiest, most productive time ever and no, I didn't get any running in or any other structured activity. But I am not bummed or grouchy because by the end of the day yesterday, I felt like I had put in a good workout.

Saturday: I had this crazy, spontaneous idea to have a garage sale about a week ago and it took place this past Saturday. My darling daughter had been helping me go through our stuff and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. She even offered up some of her things! She was very good at helping me price the items and even found things of Mommy's that I don't use anymore.

We woke up early Saturday and make a quick trip to the store for a girl necessity and picked up some donuts as a huge treat. My darling daughter opted for the cake donuts with a little chocolate on top. Delicious and indulgent! We got back home and the whole family started moving all the stuff out of the house and under the carport. The good news - it wasn't raining anymore. The not-so-good....the wind was already blowing at 6:00 am so I knew it was just going to get breezier (but we never got hot).

Darling daughter was a champ and watched the "fort" during my bathroom breaks and was eager to help all the customers. It was a success and almost everything that didn't sell went into my car to be taken to our church's thrift store. Okay, the agreement was all was to go but I ended up not parting with this boring brown night stand

to make it into this jazzy white night stand that will go to my darling daughter's new bedroom soon!

I added another coat, or two, of paint after this.
I also kept the one chenille throw and the football cake pan. Who knows --- they may come in use still and we did donate a full carload of goodies! 

Afterwards, we headed into town and found a new dining table set that was in our budget and small enough but functional enough to go in the new space. It is now on layaway until my dear hubby gets a truck to go pick it up. We also found the white paint to do our magic to the night stand you already saw.

Sunday: You would think I would have had enough but when my dear hubby asked what I wanted to do, I thought run a long run but nope, that wasn't going to happen. We ended up packing up some boxes and then heading to the playground for some fun. You  have to factor in play time, right? Afterwards, we headed down to town again. I was on a mission to find a full sized bed set to go with the bed frame I have. I had promised my daughter when she gets her own room she would have a big bed. I have the pieces to convert the toddler bed but just needed that final touch. The first place had one in stock but we kept on looking. The second place was closed and didn't open for an hour. We finally found the third place that I really wanted to go to....America's Mattresses. We found a set, the price was great, and it was in stock!! Yeah!!! Mattress and boxspring purchased and on hold until dear hubby comes by with a truck to pick them up. Fortunately, it is close to where the dining set is.

Next, a treat for the family....lunch! Then we headed home, loaded up the cars, and headed to the new home where I began the job of trying to figure out how to get all the stuff from home 1 into home 2.  WOAH!!! And how is darling daughter liking the idea of her own room? So far, so good. She loved putting stuff in it and closes her door behind her. And yep, I have already been asked to stay out of her room. Gotta love that! I think this change is going to be harder on me than her.....

Toe Update: Still broken, or not broken. I don't know. I wish each day it isn't so I can be running again soon. The bruising is going down. The swelling is going down a little too. However, my toe began to ache and cramp like crazy to the point it was waking me up at night. I started doing a little massage thing on it and "toe exercises" where I try to wiggle it and lift it x-times. It takes a little effort but seems to be helping the tightness. I did put on my Columbia running shoes yesterday and that is a great first step. However, as soon as I stood up to take my first step I quickly knew I wasn't quite ready yet. So I guess it will be abs and glutes after work, barefoot style, at home!

Today I am grateful for:

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  1. I love having garage sales, except I usually end up keeping all kinds of stuff that I soooo don't need. Ha ha.


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