The Stool vs. The Toe

Yesterday was a crazy and yet an amazing day!

It started with a dentist appointment to get one little cavity filled. Sounds easy enough. I was in and out in a matter of minutes and happily returned to work. Unfortunately, my filling wasn't as happy and I think it decided to fall out. Hmmm...back to the dentist I go on my way to get my daughter. I happily informed the dentist I had only 20 minutes to resolve this issue. He took on the challenge with grace. Yep, I was right. The filling had indeed abandoned me and I guess the dentist did want to do the more expensive filling earlier but didn't say anything. So more shots and drilling for me (and this is the worst part...I was on the verge of tears earlier in the day). However, he got through it quickly and gave me a wonderful gift....no charge for the second, more expensive filling due to the inconvenience factor. Thank you, thank you, thank you....gotta run!!!!

By the time I get to my darling daughter's school my head was throbbing!!! Okay, multiple shots and drilling in one day does not mix well with me. We get home, I take some pain meds, and we have fun at the table working on artwork and some stuff on the computer. A lot of fun!

I am usually completely aware of everything going around me but without realizing something was amiss I hear an awful scraping (think very bad fingernails on a chalkboard), a bang, and a cry. I quickly realized that somehow my daughter knocked over the stool onto my toe (the bang) and she was crying. Fortunately she wasn't hurt physically but I was in so much pain I couldn't say a word. I couldn't do a thing except hold my toe and close my eyes. But mommy took over and I turned to my daughter and tried to comfort her but by then anything that came out of my mouth wasn't too comforting. There were a lot of ouches, I think my toe is broken, what happened??? My darling daughter was starting to calm down and I realized my mommy side needed improvement. I couldn't stand up yet to pick her up but coaxed her onto my lap and hugged her tightly and told her I was so sorry my voice got loud. I explained I was hurting and it wasn't her fault and that she must be so scared. She let out another good cry and then was eager to investigate my toe and make me all better.

I hoped it was just a bruise. I hoped I was overreacting but I think it really is broken. And I really, really wanted to run this morning but I can barely stand on my foot and even put on these shoes was a painful experience. So instead, I put on a race tech shirt to wear to work. And yes, I can do this since it is a work logo'd shirt!!!

So the stool won as it is still in one piece with no injuries, scrapes, etc. to show from the battle.

Today I am thankful for:


  1. Ouch! Looks painful. I hate when that happens. Hope it heals quick

  2. Wow. I hope the pain subsides and you can run again soon. Poor daughter. She was probably quite scared.

  3. Oh no!!! Poor YOU and poor Darling daughter :( rough stuff!!! I have broken that exact same toe, not fun!! Ice, soak, ice, soak and take it easy!

  4. Oh no!! Hopefully its not broken...that would suck not to run :( Isnt it amazing how mommy mode goes on and you just comfort your baby and forget yourself? I'll keep you in my prayers :)

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes....it is feeling a bit better today so perhaps I may be back in my running shoes sooner than I fear!


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