My September

What a funny month September was for me. I ran two races - the Kaua'i Half Marathon on the 4th and my very first marathon, the Maui Marathon, on the 18th. Both were incredible experiences but between implementing appropriate tapers and recoveries for both, I only logged 67 miles for September. This is my lowest mileage month since February 2011!

However, I am not discouraged and not getting down on myself. I achieved a lot in September, not only in accomplishing my goal of running a marathon, in which I did without walking, but in beginning to implement a new training style. Why mess with success? Because I feel I can be even more successful in my running through incorporating strength training. My fun way of doing this right now is with the Skimble app. Love it!

Running...I am back!
My September low point was the post-marathon blues that plagued me for days. But I pulled myself out by focusing on future goals, which include aiming to PR at the Run for the Whales half marathon in February. And not only do I want to PR, I want to run a sub-two. So come November I will really dive into my fast running training program.

But what about October? My goal is to have fun running. To add variety to my workouts through strength training. To get my weekly mileage back up to where I like it.

What are my hurdles for the next month?
  • Getting my family used to me running more since they may have adapted to me being around more during those taper and recovery times.
  • To get enough sleep each night to allow my body to heal and stay injury free.
  • To remain positive and grateful for all my blessings in life even though I am still furloughed three days a month.


  1. I love setting goals for the upcoming month. It's a great habit. Congrats on finishing both races in September and YAY for planning to have fun! Also, thanks for your lovely comment the other day. :) I am beyond excited!

  2. Sounds like a plan!! A sub 2 is an awesome goal you can do it! Happy training!! :)

  3. Congrats on you 1/2 Marathon and FIRST full marathon!!! So proud of you! You have a plan and will get back to the high mileage in no time. Have fun :)

  4. Many mahalos to you all! I am ready for a wonderful October!


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