The Heartthrob

I am anxious to get those running shoes on and run! The driving force isn't just my love of running but that there is a race on November 12th that I really want to do. However, I am thinking I may need to skip it this year because if I can't put on those shoes and walk in them now will I really be able to put them on and run 17.28 K (10.7 miles) on the 12th? Any thoughts?

Now on to the Heartthrob.....

It is my new love on NTC (Nike Training Club). I have moved away from Get Focused to Get Lean workouts. These tend to be 30 minutes long (and I think I saw some longer) and are intense! Please note: there are three categories you choose from initially - beginner, intermediate, and advance. I am always working from the advanced list of workouts due to how often I get active. 

After being on the verge of tears when I couldn't walk in my running shoes yesterday I convinced the whole family to go to the park. My dear hubby and darling daughter played on the playground castle while I stepped into the grassy "meadow" and worked out barefoot. I chose to ignore all the people who may have been looking at me thinking I was crazy. And as there was a kids' soccer practice going on, there were lots of parents around.

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I was able to incorporate more jumps into the workout today but opted to not go full force as a couple of landings caused a bit of discomfort in the toe. Why make matters worse, right? I love this workout because it only has one rest at the start (which I keep active in) and it keeps you going throughout the workout. It ends on some targeted stretching for a couple of minutes and focuses on the muscles that I need the love in (my hamstrings, glutes, and piriformis). And the intervals are not equal in duration and although you may repeat some moves, it isn't the same workout repeated three times as I described for the Get Focused workouts previously.

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I am trying to convince myself that this will keep me in shape and that when I return to running I will easily be able to get back to my desired mileage. Any naysayers? Am I setting myself up for disappointment?

Today I am grateful for:
  • The opportunity to host a Bondi Band giveaway
  • Being able to workout barefoot
  • Packing tape
  • Fall
  • Halloween candy - in small dosages


  1. It's hard to let our bodies heal when we want to run. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. @Tina, It is so hard but good news --- no broken toe!!!


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