Half Marathon Speed Training Plan

Aloha Friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was full of packing, unpacking, painting, and organizing. I am embarrassed to say, I found no time to run or do any sort of planned workouts. But by the end of the day yesterday, I ached from head to toe so I really think all the moving chores added up to something for my body.

Needless to say, I still am feeling down on myself and what do I do then? I think about running and my running plans. I get excited about upcoming races and ponder if I can pull the Harbor to Harbor off. I think about getting into those running shoes again for a test run and see how the toe is holding up. Surprisingly, it still hurts like crazy at times but is getting so much better. An oddity is at times it feels numb at the tip but perhaps it is just me focusing way too much on the darn little toe.

With all that said, check out my training plan to make a new PR at the Run for the Whales Half Marathon. I think this will do the trick. It is all about incorporating more speed and making myself hurt so I can get faster. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? And insights or suggestions?

Today I am grateful for:
  • Disappearing bruises
  • New recycling bins
  • Soft hair - that doesn't happen often
  • Chocolate Halloween cake - it is almost time!
  • Comfortable work chairs


  1. What's your goal time? Your plan looks pretty good, but it looks like all your tempo runs are short (under a mile). Do you have any longer tempo runs scheduled (say 8 mi. w/ 5-6 miles at around 10k pace - or a pace you can maintain for an hour). I find tempo runs really helpful in upping my endurance and speed for longer races.

  2. @Caolan -- great feedback. I do have some longer tempo runs on some Sundays and a temp test (10K) on one Monday about mid-way. My goal pace is 9'05". I want to break a 2 hour half and have come close. My PR is 2:02. I am computing tempo pace, fast pace, etc. as we speak.


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