Closing Doors, Opening Windows

We all know the expression, when one door closes.....

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another window opens......

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This past weekend was not like any weekend I expected. Not only because I aged a year, which really doesn't bother me, but because so many things happened that are not part of my normal routine.

Here is how it rolled:

I was confronted with worrisome news and reached out to my family and asked for prayers. Then instead of praying for what I wanted, I prayed for strength.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I hosted my first running group run. I had one runner with me but am happy I didn't have none for this first try. What makes it so much better is that she is new to running. Stay tuned for more on this and why I am doing this.

I got the impulse to have a garage sale and started organizing it. My darling daughter is a great assistant by the way. And no, Mommy can't take any breaks.

I was informed that we have to move in 45 days. The owners are ready to move back to the islands and retire. After the initial moment of panic, I started to see the silver lining on this cloud. BTW, we already found our new home and guess that garage sale impulse had a reason.

Once I processed all this, I felt some outdoor time was in order. I got the family together and we headed to the park and community pool nearby. The larger pool is still closed due to maintenace issues but my dear hubby and darling daughter hopped into the training pool. I opted to do a quick run around the track. Just a mile and to push myself out of the comfort zone. My mile was was 7'34". It was fun and hard, especially against those nasty headwinds here and there. Afterwards, I jumped into the very cold training pool with my darling daughter as dear hubby eagerly jumped out. Can you say ice bath? But guess what, I want to do this again and think routine speed mile tests would be a good training tool. What do you think? How often should I do this?

Today I am grateful for:
  • The power of prayer
  • New opportunities
  • Pinking purple walls
  • Dryers
  • A child's excitement

So tell me, did your weekend have any life changing events for you?

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