And the doctor says....

You thought I was going to tell you right away? 

So yesterday my foot was aching in new places and I started to worry. Am I doing my foot more damage than good by trying to go about my normal life? Did I make a mistake by incorporating more jumps or trying to walk in the running shoes (forget that I really wanted to run in them)?

I envisioned my little toe bones breaking apart and doing all sorts of crazy things so I broke (no pun intended) down and make an appointment to see the doctor.

I told the doctor my story and she stated there is nothing that can be done if it is broken. "Yes, I know that but please tell me if it is or isn't so I know how hard I can push myself through the pain" was my response. She did look at me a bit oddly (my new PCP doesn't fully understand my running love....yet) but sent me off for my x-ray. I thought one would tell the story but no, they took three. Really? You need three of this one teeny tiny toe? Guess so and the different angles do make sense.

After a long wait my darling daughter and I went back into the examining room to get the verdict. At the start of the 2-hour adventure my darling daughter was sure I was going to get good news. Now she was beginning to waiver and thought the news may be bad.

And what did the doctor say? As we all look at my x-rays, zoomed in, adjusted lighting for full effects, there seems to be no break at all. YEAH!!! NO broken toe!!! Of course, the doctor added the disclaimer that another specialist will be reviewing my films and they may see a small hairline fracture that she is missing but she is pretty sure I am good to go. Guess it is just a really bad bruise that is going to give me grief for a bit.

Today I am grateful for:
  • That that x-ray image above isn't mine
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Not spilling coffee on myself when I had a choking fit in the car
  • Moving (yes, I really do love it)
  • Accidentally adding a vacation day to my request and realizing I fly out later in the day and will now have a day to me


  1. YEAH!!! No break!!!! That is awesome!!! Now, let the healing begin so you can get back out there runnin' :)!

  2. That's awesome! Such good news!

  3. Yeah no broken toe!! Bring on the running!!

  4. Thanks to all for the "yeah's"! It is awesome news and I can't wait to get out there and run....and soon as I get a break from packing and unpacking. :)


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