Achy glutes....

First, I get paranoid at any aches in my glutes, especially my left, as I fear a recurrence of an injury almost a year ago. No, it hasn't ever flared up that bad again so essentially, I am running/living in unrealized fear.

But here is what I have been doing recently:

Friday - 2.13 mile run with my darling daughter in the jogging stroller. My overall pace was 12'16". Not my best but also not my worse. I really thought she was going to zonk out during my run but nope, she stayed awake so I headed back to wrap things up. I was planning on running with her again the next day so I didn't want to push my luck. She is getting reintroduced to the jogging stroller runs. Afterwards, I checked out the Nike Training Club app on my phone that a co-worker recommended. I chose a 15-minute Butt Buster work out and yep, it was hard! Definitely room for improvement and the split jumps....thank goodness there were only 30 seconds long for each interval!

Today - 3.17 mile run, again with my darling daughter in the jogging stroller. My overall pace was 13'35" and although I knew I could have pushed myself more, I kept my pace slower to accommodate a fun group run. This was my first group run that I am trying to organize and am so happy that my first "victim" is a new runner. Oh yes! I am so excited to run future runs with this lovely lady who traveled about 45 minutes via motorbike to run! And the best part, at the end she said she felt so much better and very comfortable running with me and wants to come back for more!

Both runs have been on hilly courses.

Now back to my glutes, they are achy and it dawned on me, they are both equally achy. This is good! If it were any other muscle in my body I would recognize the ache as the ache of working muscles and improving their strength. Therefore, I am on target with my strength training and watch out split jumps, I am gonna be able to do you for minutes in the future!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Library Cards
  • Running Groups
  • Crock Pots
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Veggie Delight Subs

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