11 Things about 110% Play Harder

I was so tired yesterday at work. I delayed my morning run to after work and I am not sure that was the best idea for generating a day's worth of energy. However, I did head out for my run after work and honestly believed I had 4 miles on the calendar. I opted to do intervals at the gym since I had to be home by x-time and was concerned I would be in the wrong part of the loop I really wanted to run. I ran my intervals at what I want my recovery and base runs to be at during my upcoming training. My total distance was 4.01 miles at an overall pace of 8'57". My future intervals will incorporate faster speeds and as much as I wanted to push myself, I opted to run safe and not increase speed, time, and distance all in one week. After all, my muscle is still hurting.

And that brings me to....

110% Play Harder compression shorts!

  1. They only work if you wear them.
  2. They are worth the investment (once again, if you wear them).
  3. I have never really run much in them but prefer to wear mine for recovery.
  4. I like to sleep in mine.
  5. Hint --- if you plan to sleep in them and take them off because you are hot that is a bad idea. Turn the AC on or if you don't have AC, open a window or turn on a fan. You really did put them on for a reason.
  6. Putting on the compression shorts is hard work.
  7. I keep the ice sheets in my freezer at all times.
  8. My favorite spots to ice are my glutes and hamstrings.
  9. Set a timer for 20 minutes when icing --- yep, you will be comfortable enough to lose track of time.
  10. I have worn my compression shorts under a dress at work.
  11. I would really like a bright pink pair! (Hello, 110% Play Harder, what do you think?)


  1. i've never even heard of these shorts, now i'm intrigued by them!

  2. I love that they have ice pockets, come with ice sheets, and an insulated bag to carry your ice in!

  3. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Guess What Erica?
    110% PINK Gear is coming soon! We will be introducing it in December 2011. While the Knickers and Calf Sleeves are not entirely pink - just the logo, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Cancer Research! I'll ping you here when they are up on the web for purchase!

    Thanks for the review above! We're glad you love your compression + ice as much as we do!
    Jenn VonHagen @110%

  4. YEAH!!! Pink is on its way!!!


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