10-Day Challenge

Bondi Band from work....
I am all about setting up challenges for myself or accepting challenges. It is why I like Nike+ and its online challenges. And don't forget to check out the links on my sidebar for the HBBC and Still the One challenges I am embarking on soon. Each image links directly to the blog that is hosting the challenge.

Really, check them out when you are done reading about my 10-Day Challenge.

Why 10-Days? It is an easy start and sometimes you just need to do baby steps to get yourself back on track. Okay, maybe not you but I do!

...to workout!
So for the next 10 days I am going to focus on my health and well-being. And yep, I will be finalizing our family move right in the middle of this. I really think starting the challenge now will help me stay focused during the move and resist those bad temptations....especially with Halloween just around the corner too.

My challenge goals:
  • Eat more fresh fruits and veggies
  • Cut down on the carbs -- especially white breads. NO bagels!
  • No artificial sugars -- really want to say no sugars but honestly, I will be too tempted with Halloween so see my next goal
  • Limited, reasonable amounts of Halloween treats
  • Embark on detoxification -- I have some nice detox teas that I really do enjoy and they seem to help me feel better but I don't know how much is mental or reality
And why wait until the morning? I am starting now!

Now to the exercise part of my life: Today I opted for the NTC Get Lean Heartthrob workout again. I am incorporating almost all of the jumps now and it is hard. And those high knees?! Woah! It is a really good 30 minute workout but I did take out some moves that seemed easy for me and put in some harder moves focused on strengthening my hips with the hope it will help my piriformis issues. I really am eager to see how all of this ends up impacting my running. And yes, I plan to keep to it once I can run again.

My extra daily dose of gratitude goes to all the kind comments and support you have provided me here, through email, at dailymile.com, and on facebook. Many mahalos to you all!


  1. Sounds like a really good way to get through a move and Hallowe'en, too.

    I signed up for HBBC too and will check out the other challenge you mentioned.

    That band looks so cute!

  2. Honestly... you amaze me!! Completely put me to shame! Why? Because I survive off candy - sad, sad, I know- ugh! I am so off a good eating routine right now!! Your determined and strong and I have NO doubt you will succeed with your goals- GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  3. @Elle - Thanks for the support and I love my Bondi Bands --- although I have a co-worker who constantly says that my darling daughter and I get get dressed in things that don't really match and pull it off looking cute. :)

    @Lacey Sue - The no fake sugars may be my hurdle. And I just need to develop the will power to not get sucked into my dear hubby's nighttime snacks....and insist he buys me NO chocolate....again!


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