My latest challenge

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If you look at my right sidebar you will see the list of challenges I am embarking on in addition to my current 10-day Get Healthy Challenge. I love that there are bloggers out there inviting others to join in and be healthy this holiday season!

November is full of challenges for me with the HBBC at RunToTheFinish and Still the One at Skinned Knees. I have now committed to the Pile on the Miles 2011 hosted by Run Eat Repeat. The challenge is to get out and run more this holiday season with a target of 5 miles a week. But each participant is encouraged to set their own goals to increase mileage and you are not competing against others. My added challenge is to not compare myself to me in the past but to try to get out there and do something ---- with a broken toe. Check it out and by the way, today is the last day of entering!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Love
  • Doors that lock the right way
  • Sense of humor
  • Positive attitudes
  • Sharing
P.S. My Bondi Band giveaway ends tomorrow. Have you entered?


Training Paces

Earlier this week I posted about my training plan for a speedy half marathon. You can find it HERE. I have made some modifications permanently on the plan (versus just in my mind) after some reader feedback. I am loving my plan! Thing is, as of now I don't know if I will be able to implement my plan. But instead of scratching it, I am still focused on the plan and will make changes later if the toe insists.

What is my goal? To set a new PR at the Run for the Whales half marathon on 2.4.12. I ran a 2:02 last year and hope to break 2 hours. Now, keep in mind, the course is being officially measured this year and that may impact things but my other half marathon times are not too off and I feel my goal is still attainable.

In the past I have pretty much ran by feel. I would do intervals that felt harder or picked up my pace for tempo runs but I never really had a target pace I was striving for. This time, things are going to be different. I want to have those benchmarks. Therefore, I needed to get my training paces set and documented.

To start, I determined my goal pace for the half marathon (assuming even splits but I can adjust that later if desire). I went to a half marathon pace calculator and input 1 hour 59 minutes. I didn't get fancy with inputting fades. Here is what I got:

Next, I needed to know my different training paces for different levels of running intensity. For this I went to the training calculator at Runner's World.  I input the half marathon distance and the 1 hour 59 minute goal. Here is what I got when I checked out my training paces:

I liked the distance finishing times as well as they could serve as great benchmarks for the races I have up to the Run for the Whales.

So to sum it all up....to run a 1:59:00 half marathon I need an overall pace of 9'05". That is my goal pace.
  • My long runs should be between 10'29" to 11'48" (this may be the hard one for me since I like to practice maintaining my goal pace....but with more speed work in the week perhaps it is necessary to ease up...what are your thoughts?)
  • My easy runs on Thursdays should be at 10'29" (really?).
  • My tempo runs should be at 8'46"and I will be doing some of that on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • My fast speed work should be at 7'19" and I will be doing some of that on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Today I am grateful for:
  • Online pace calculators
  • Technology that helps you track pace on the go....when all goes well
  • Screenshots
  • Google documents
  • Quiet rooms


Comminuted Fracture

And the saga continues.....

I interpreted the phone message as a small break on the tip of my toe. Here is the diagnosis:

Sounded a bit more scary so I looked up comminuted fracture to discover this isn't a little break but must involve 3 separate pieces of bone. And those minimally displaced fragments referenced above...I was told it was a stable break. Hmmmm......

The Phone Call That Changed Everything

As I was loaded up the car for another trip to home 2 my phone rang. I didn't get to it in time but went ahead and checked the message right away....just in case it was something important.

The gist of the message --- Your toe is broken. It needs to be wrapped up. You need to wear stabilizing shoes like tennis shoes. Let's forget I don't have tennis shoes, I have running shoes.

I was crushed, devastated, not happy at all. But I kept my head on straight and called back to verify the stabilizing shoe thing. If you have been following my blog, you know I have tried on my running shoes to go run only to discover I can't take a step in them without intense pain.

The following conversation went something like this.

Doctor: Yep, you have a broken toe. It is the tip of the toe right near the nail. 
Me: I know exactly where. It is where it hurts like crazy when anything touches it. So about those stabilizing shoes, what would be your advice if I can't put on running shoes?
Doctor: Yes, you need to tape up your toe and wear shoes that keep your toe still.
Me: I understand but my question is what is a good alternative to a running shoe? I am a runner and have tried them on recently because I wanted to run but it is too painful to even walk a few steps in them.
Doctor: Oh, your toe hurts? Then you shouldn't run.
Me: I realize that but do you have a suggestion of an alternative for me?
Doctor: Hmmm, you should wear tennis shoes.
Me: Even if they cause more pain? Really?
Doctor: Well, you don't want your toe to move. You can't walk?
Me: Yes, I can walk and have been wearing slippers (aka flip flops to some of you) but it is the running shoes that make it hurt. They are pressing too much on the swollen toe.
Doctor: Oh. Hmmm.... I could write a prescription for a shoe for you to get that has hard soles because you don't want your toe to move.
Me: (Now I am getting way too annoyed and frustrated) No thank you. It seems a little too late for that. I had the x-ray a week ago. I have been walking. Any odd healing has probably already taken place. Is there any reason it took a week to let me know my toe was broken?
Doctor: I'm not your regular doctor. (no kidding!)

I am sure you can imagine how frustrated and hopeless this left me. And yes, I got extremely depressed and quite angry with the medical system. But there was nothing I could do about it and that just made me fume more inside. I would love to say I had a comforting shoulder to cry my heart on, but no I didn't. Eventually I ended up venting to dear hubby and defending my right to be mad, upset, and to vent. Defending the right of woman to just express their feelings with freedom. If men can go have their quiet time than we can vent and men can stand by and listen to us with support and compassion, right?

It helped a little but I had dreams of no running. I woke up feeling empty, sad, and hopeless. I am trying to find the lesson that is hidden in this and to see the silver lining but I can't. I am annoyed.

But on the way to work I stopped and bought some footwear that may be more stabilizing. Real slippers this time. Some slip-on slipper shoes (think Isotoner style) that I may be able to be a bit more active in and a pair of stellar slipper boats. Yes, it hurts more to walk in these than what I was wearing but they provide a little more support to the well-wrapped up toe.

Today I am grateful for (and this is taking a lot of effort):
  • Slipper boots
  • My darling daughter
  • A job I can sit down at (normally bugs me but now, it is a blessing)
  • 3-day weekends
  • Halloween


Love's Sweet Hurdles

I have been debating for hours on what I really wanted to talk about today - love or races. I could post on the love of races but today, it is all about love. The romantic personal love and that post I want to finalize on races, coming up soon!

Love is a powerful emotion and a splendid thing! And relationships are hard. Sorry, I'm not going to lie and say it is all peaches and cream but if you truly love someone, it is worth it.

Think about the love a mom has for her child. It is a strong emotional bond and any mom knows, it has its up's and down's and I wouldn't trade one moment of it for anything. Yep, I even hold onto those down's because it is part of life and makes the up's more pleasant. 

And this brings me to my dear hubby. I truly love this amazing man and even though we have our down's and sometimes the up's may be hard to see in our hectic lives, I choose to see and focus on the up's. Our relationship has endured some sweet hurdles and to me, that is testimony that we can endure any hurdle life tosses our way.

Hurdle 1: We lived on separate islands for almost two years. Okay, this was prior to marriage and a hard choice to make. I opted to move to a neighboring island for various reasons that I am not going to get into today but it was worth it. It proved that our feelings for each other were based on a solid foundation. We made things work and hey, the every other weekend or so we got together seemed like a vacation. Who wouldn't like two vacations a month? 

Now for the reality, it wasn't easy. It had its hard moments and saying goodbye sucked. And there were moments I questioned if we would survive this and we did. And eventually, life placed us back onto one island again. yeah!

Hurdle 2: We were in different countries! Yep, we maintained our lives in different countries for what seemed like an eternity. Work brought my dear hubby to Spain and we found a way to make it work. We saw each other less, communication was hard with the time zone differences, but we plugged ahead. And remember that move to the same island? It happened when we thought Spain was a distant memory.

Hurdle 3: I moved back to Maui to be with my loved one and he flew to Spain. It wasn't as drastic as I flew in and he flew out but it seemed like that. And he stayed, and he stayed, and he stayed, and he stayed....and goodness gracious, are we ever going to be on the same island for real? Okay, we have the same mailing address now but hey, my love is in another country! The good, I got to go visit him and be out of the country for the first time in my life! Now that is splendid for so many reasons!

Hurdle 4: Parenthood. We can't plan for or schedule the gifts we are given in our lives. We were finally living under one roof but things were not easy breezy. I was an emotional pregnant woman and bang, we became parents, and woah! We now have a preschooler! To ease daycare expenses and to increase parent-child time, we opted to not have a day off together for years. We just recently started having one day a week where dear hubby and I are both off of work with our darling daughter.

The reality: It is hard. It is hard to be us when we both love and care so much about being great parents. We get tired and it impacts our relationship. There is no right way. There is no one to blame. It is life and I believe we have the strength and love to overcome this hurdle too. I believe we can rediscover more of our initial passion and carefree attitude and bring that back into our relationship.

And it is with that belief, and the fact that the Marriage Encounter weekend I planned for the two of us was cancelled, that I opted to leap into the Still the One challenge hosted by Skinned Knees. I believe in the power of love and I believe good things come to those that share good things. I can't wait to hear about the weekly challenges and to my experiences with you. And ladies, if you want to show your man a bit more love, why not check it out?!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Life's unexpected gifts
  • The power to overcome hurdles
  • Persistence in a loving way
  • Generosity
  • Knowledgeable people who share their knowledge


10-Day Challenge

Bondi Band from work....
I am all about setting up challenges for myself or accepting challenges. It is why I like Nike+ and its online challenges. And don't forget to check out the links on my sidebar for the HBBC and Still the One challenges I am embarking on soon. Each image links directly to the blog that is hosting the challenge.

Really, check them out when you are done reading about my 10-Day Challenge.

Why 10-Days? It is an easy start and sometimes you just need to do baby steps to get yourself back on track. Okay, maybe not you but I do!

...to workout!
So for the next 10 days I am going to focus on my health and well-being. And yep, I will be finalizing our family move right in the middle of this. I really think starting the challenge now will help me stay focused during the move and resist those bad temptations....especially with Halloween just around the corner too.

My challenge goals:
  • Eat more fresh fruits and veggies
  • Cut down on the carbs -- especially white breads. NO bagels!
  • No artificial sugars -- really want to say no sugars but honestly, I will be too tempted with Halloween so see my next goal
  • Limited, reasonable amounts of Halloween treats
  • Embark on detoxification -- I have some nice detox teas that I really do enjoy and they seem to help me feel better but I don't know how much is mental or reality
And why wait until the morning? I am starting now!

Now to the exercise part of my life: Today I opted for the NTC Get Lean Heartthrob workout again. I am incorporating almost all of the jumps now and it is hard. And those high knees?! Woah! It is a really good 30 minute workout but I did take out some moves that seemed easy for me and put in some harder moves focused on strengthening my hips with the hope it will help my piriformis issues. I really am eager to see how all of this ends up impacting my running. And yes, I plan to keep to it once I can run again.

My extra daily dose of gratitude goes to all the kind comments and support you have provided me here, through email, at dailymile.com, and on facebook. Many mahalos to you all!

Tuesday Tunes and More

I must start today with a confession. I am getting way too grouchy for my own good. I am a runner and I really need to run. I have been so busy I haven't even found the time to try on my running shoes again, until yesterday since I was escalating in my grouchiness. I picked the shoes with the roomiest toe box and still was greeted with intense discomfort. Yes, I was able to wobble along in them but am frustrated that I am not entirely good to go yet. It made me so depressed but instead of doing something unhealthy, I ended up doing a couple of sets of Skimble Sexy Lean Legs and a round of Sun Salutation yoga. It was a short workout but had me sweating and increased my heartbeat. However, I was still grouchy.

Now for confession two -- when I get restless inside I start to make unhealthy eating choices -- which makes me feel yuckier. I am confessing this because I hope that it will increase my accountability and drive me to get back onto the right track.

I will be healthy and I will run.....very soon!

Today's tune: We Are Young by 3OH!3

Today I am grateful for:
  • The massage my dear hubby gave me last night.
  • Good health. Okay, my toe may be a bugger but I am healthy and strong!
  • Succulent plants.
  • Clean blinds.
  • New opportunities.

P.S. Have you checked out the Bondi Band giveaway? It is your chance to try one free and the design is inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness month. We can wear a pink ribbon every now and then!


Half Marathon Speed Training Plan

Aloha Friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was full of packing, unpacking, painting, and organizing. I am embarrassed to say, I found no time to run or do any sort of planned workouts. But by the end of the day yesterday, I ached from head to toe so I really think all the moving chores added up to something for my body.

Needless to say, I still am feeling down on myself and what do I do then? I think about running and my running plans. I get excited about upcoming races and ponder if I can pull the Harbor to Harbor off. I think about getting into those running shoes again for a test run and see how the toe is holding up. Surprisingly, it still hurts like crazy at times but is getting so much better. An oddity is at times it feels numb at the tip but perhaps it is just me focusing way too much on the darn little toe.

With all that said, check out my training plan to make a new PR at the Run for the Whales Half Marathon. I think this will do the trick. It is all about incorporating more speed and making myself hurt so I can get faster. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? And insights or suggestions?

Today I am grateful for:
  • Disappearing bruises
  • New recycling bins
  • Soft hair - that doesn't happen often
  • Chocolate Halloween cake - it is almost time!
  • Comfortable work chairs


Pumpkin Delight - Recipes

I'm 39 and just learned there is so much more to a pumpkin than jack-o-lanterns. Yes, I have eaten pumpkin seeds from packages in a store. Yes, I have heard of pumpkin pie. You make those from that canned pumpkin you get from the store. And yes, I have added canned pumpkin puree into a few of my meals here and there.

But just recently I became inspired to take a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch (okay, I did pay for it) and transform it into something wonderful --- a few things wonderful actually!

Preparing the pumpkin - I grabbed a serrated knife to begin with since I had read this makes the process safer. I ended up switching to a large chef knife. I cut the pumpkin open, removed the seeds, skinned it, and cut it into large chunks. I put it all into my stove top steamer and steamed about 30 minutes, or until tender. I then pureed it all in my food processor.

Pumpkin Pie - got great reviews from the fam but I'm not really a pie lover of any sort.
1 pie crust - I used a graham cracker crust I had in the cupboard but can see that a flaky crust may be preferred
3/4 cup Splenda
1 tsp ground Cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground Ginger
1/4 tsp ground Cloves
2 eggs
2 cups Pumpkin puree
12 oz Evaporated milk

Preheat oven to 425 F
Combine sugar, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Add beaten eggs. Stir in pumpkin and slowly add evaporated milk.
Pour into pie shell --- it is very liquid!
Bake for 15 minutes.
Reduce oven temperature to 350 F and bake another 40-50 minutes. Knife inserted in center should come out clean.
Cool for 2 hours on wire rack and then store in fridge.

Pumpkin Soup - a new family favorite!
Recipe (serves 4 but I will be doubling next time!):
2 2/3 cup chicken or veggie stock
1 3/4 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 tsp Parsley
1 tsp dried onion or add fresh chopped onion
Garlic to taste
Black pepper to taste
2 Tbl sour cream

Put all in slow cooker and enjoy your day!!!
Serve with another dollap of sour cream if desired

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - so much better than store-bought!
Rinse pumpkin seeds and remove any pulp and strings
Place on baking sheet
Drizzle with olive oil, stir, and spread out in a single layer
Sprinkle with sea salt
Bake about 25 minutes at 325 F
Cool and store in air-tight container


And the doctor says....

You thought I was going to tell you right away? 

So yesterday my foot was aching in new places and I started to worry. Am I doing my foot more damage than good by trying to go about my normal life? Did I make a mistake by incorporating more jumps or trying to walk in the running shoes (forget that I really wanted to run in them)?

I envisioned my little toe bones breaking apart and doing all sorts of crazy things so I broke (no pun intended) down and make an appointment to see the doctor.

I told the doctor my story and she stated there is nothing that can be done if it is broken. "Yes, I know that but please tell me if it is or isn't so I know how hard I can push myself through the pain" was my response. She did look at me a bit oddly (my new PCP doesn't fully understand my running love....yet) but sent me off for my x-ray. I thought one would tell the story but no, they took three. Really? You need three of this one teeny tiny toe? Guess so and the different angles do make sense.

After a long wait my darling daughter and I went back into the examining room to get the verdict. At the start of the 2-hour adventure my darling daughter was sure I was going to get good news. Now she was beginning to waiver and thought the news may be bad.

And what did the doctor say? As we all look at my x-rays, zoomed in, adjusted lighting for full effects, there seems to be no break at all. YEAH!!! NO broken toe!!! Of course, the doctor added the disclaimer that another specialist will be reviewing my films and they may see a small hairline fracture that she is missing but she is pretty sure I am good to go. Guess it is just a really bad bruise that is going to give me grief for a bit.

Today I am grateful for:
  • That that x-ray image above isn't mine
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Not spilling coffee on myself when I had a choking fit in the car
  • Moving (yes, I really do love it)
  • Accidentally adding a vacation day to my request and realizing I fly out later in the day and will now have a day to me


The Heartthrob

I am anxious to get those running shoes on and run! The driving force isn't just my love of running but that there is a race on November 12th that I really want to do. However, I am thinking I may need to skip it this year because if I can't put on those shoes and walk in them now will I really be able to put them on and run 17.28 K (10.7 miles) on the 12th? Any thoughts?

Now on to the Heartthrob.....

It is my new love on NTC (Nike Training Club). I have moved away from Get Focused to Get Lean workouts. These tend to be 30 minutes long (and I think I saw some longer) and are intense! Please note: there are three categories you choose from initially - beginner, intermediate, and advance. I am always working from the advanced list of workouts due to how often I get active. 

After being on the verge of tears when I couldn't walk in my running shoes yesterday I convinced the whole family to go to the park. My dear hubby and darling daughter played on the playground castle while I stepped into the grassy "meadow" and worked out barefoot. I chose to ignore all the people who may have been looking at me thinking I was crazy. And as there was a kids' soccer practice going on, there were lots of parents around.

View when I was working out
I was able to incorporate more jumps into the workout today but opted to not go full force as a couple of landings caused a bit of discomfort in the toe. Why make matters worse, right? I love this workout because it only has one rest at the start (which I keep active in) and it keeps you going throughout the workout. It ends on some targeted stretching for a couple of minutes and focuses on the muscles that I need the love in (my hamstrings, glutes, and piriformis). And the intervals are not equal in duration and although you may repeat some moves, it isn't the same workout repeated three times as I described for the Get Focused workouts previously.

View when I was stretching
I am trying to convince myself that this will keep me in shape and that when I return to running I will easily be able to get back to my desired mileage. Any naysayers? Am I setting myself up for disappointment?

Today I am grateful for:
  • The opportunity to host a Bondi Band giveaway
  • Being able to workout barefoot
  • Packing tape
  • Fall
  • Halloween candy - in small dosages

Ask and you shall receive - Bondi Band GIVEAWAY

I was always a ponytail runner that was annoyed by the wisps of hair that got in my eyes. I tried wearing a hat but in some of the winds here, the hat ends up gone no matter how tight I strapped it on.

Hat and pony
Too windy for hat, tiny pony on top
Fortunately, I was introduced to Bondi Band - a great headband that can have wicking properties and stays relatively in place. I say relatively because if I put it too far back on my head it will slip when running. But I like it further back when I am wearing it for style, not running. If I position it right, I don't have to think about it again.

Light wicking - stylish prints!
Heavy wicking - inspirational!
My darling daughter is equally enthralled with Bondi Band and wears one daily at dinner time to keep the hair out of her eyes (and therefore, the food out of her hair as she tries to brush her hair back with her hand - spoon, fork, and all). What can I say? We are addicts! This is us at the Maui Marathon EXPO in Bondi Band heaven! You can pick your color, your design, your saying, light wicking or heavy wicking.

On a whim I wrote Bondi Band and confessed my love affair with them and asked if they would be willing to donate a Bondi Band for me to share with one lucky reader. They said sure and asked which one. Really? I get to pick? I responded, how about anything focused on the pink ribbon as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And they said sure and sent me two....one to try, one to share. But if you haven't figured it out yet, I love to share the love! I have tried Bondi Band and know I love the product. And as much as I love the pink ribbon, I want two lucky readers to benefit and get some love today! Each winner will receive one of the two Bondi Bands pictured below (and my darling daughter will select which goes into which envelope).

To enter the giveaway:
  • You must be a follower of my blog (leave a comment) - 1 entry
  • Like Life as a Running Mom on facebook (leave a comment) - 1 entry
  • Follow Life as a Running Mom on twitter (leave a comment) - 1 entry
  • Like Bondi Band on facebook and post on their wall "Thanks for making the giveaway at lifeasarunningmom.blogspot.com happen!" (leave a comment) - 1 entry
  • Follow Bondi Band on twitter and tweet something like "I want to win a #bondiband from @RunningMom6" (leave a comment) - 1 entry
  • Share this giveaway via twitter, facebook, or your blog (leave a comment) - 1 entry

The giveaway ends 10.31.11 at midnight. The winners will be selected randomly and announced 11.1.11.

Please note: I am receiving no compensation from Bondi Band for this product review and giveaway. The items were given to me at no charge to review and share. The opinions are solely my own.


Tuesday Tunes and More

Aloha Friends!

First, I saw this video of Form Drills by Runner's World. It includes some simple exercises, some of which I have been incorporating into my strength training and core workouts, and I just had to share. Check it out HERE.

Second, I achieved my goal of getting active after work yesterday. I opted to workout with guidance from the Nike Training Club (NTC) app. I have been using this app and Skimble, and honestly, I think I like them equally. They both have their pros and cons but I was so into trying to unlock my next reward with NTC so I went there. I started with the Ab Buster and followed it up with the Glute Buster with some focus on inner and outer thighs as well. Both were 15 minutes long for a total 30 minute workout. Pretty good and my toe held up just fine.

How do the workouts go? I am using the Get Focused plans right now and they seem to have the same structure. Each 15 minute workout is broken into 5 minute segments. You do exercises for 4:30 and then there is a 30 second rest before you repeat the drill, and then again. I have taken to skipping the rest and doing something else active during those 30 seconds but I do make sure I am working a different muscle group. For some, I can see the rests may be necessary but I don't really need them. And it is odd to end on a rest anyhow.  And yes, unlocking the next reward was enough incentive to keep me going when my daughter wanted me to do something else. Don't worry --- she got my full attention afterwards and it makes me a better mommy to work up a sweat.

Now on to the Tuesday Tunes. Many of us listen to play lists when we run or workout. For those who can run it solo --- congrats and I am sure you still listen to tunes and have some favorites. To spark conversation about some good upbeat tunes, or just good relaxing tunes, I am aiming to "introduce" a song weekly and please, feel free to vote for songs for me to share. I would love to hear what you are hearing!

Introducing "Another One Bites the Dust" from Queen --- not a song you will hear me listening to on a standard day but it has a great running beat and I have been loving it with my workouts recently. Imagine crunches, etc. to the beat of the song.

Today I am grateful for:
  • A cool giveaway I am about to announce!
  • Enhancing random nature pictures!
  • Challenges - I really need to write a post on the two challenges I am about to embark on and why. But for now, check out their buttons on my sidebar.
  • Gift Certificates - I just got $5 from Famous Footwear as a birthday gift!
  • Philanthropy!


Thank Goodness for Monday because....

I need a break from my weekend.

My weekend was AMAZING! It was the busiest, most productive time ever and no, I didn't get any running in or any other structured activity. But I am not bummed or grouchy because by the end of the day yesterday, I felt like I had put in a good workout.

Saturday: I had this crazy, spontaneous idea to have a garage sale about a week ago and it took place this past Saturday. My darling daughter had been helping me go through our stuff and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. She even offered up some of her things! She was very good at helping me price the items and even found things of Mommy's that I don't use anymore.

We woke up early Saturday and make a quick trip to the store for a girl necessity and picked up some donuts as a huge treat. My darling daughter opted for the cake donuts with a little chocolate on top. Delicious and indulgent! We got back home and the whole family started moving all the stuff out of the house and under the carport. The good news - it wasn't raining anymore. The not-so-good....the wind was already blowing at 6:00 am so I knew it was just going to get breezier (but we never got hot).

Darling daughter was a champ and watched the "fort" during my bathroom breaks and was eager to help all the customers. It was a success and almost everything that didn't sell went into my car to be taken to our church's thrift store. Okay, the agreement was all was to go but I ended up not parting with this boring brown night stand

to make it into this jazzy white night stand that will go to my darling daughter's new bedroom soon!

I added another coat, or two, of paint after this.
I also kept the one chenille throw and the football cake pan. Who knows --- they may come in use still and we did donate a full carload of goodies! 

Afterwards, we headed into town and found a new dining table set that was in our budget and small enough but functional enough to go in the new space. It is now on layaway until my dear hubby gets a truck to go pick it up. We also found the white paint to do our magic to the night stand you already saw.

Sunday: You would think I would have had enough but when my dear hubby asked what I wanted to do, I thought run a long run but nope, that wasn't going to happen. We ended up packing up some boxes and then heading to the playground for some fun. You  have to factor in play time, right? Afterwards, we headed down to town again. I was on a mission to find a full sized bed set to go with the bed frame I have. I had promised my daughter when she gets her own room she would have a big bed. I have the pieces to convert the toddler bed but just needed that final touch. The first place had one in stock but we kept on looking. The second place was closed and didn't open for an hour. We finally found the third place that I really wanted to go to....America's Mattresses. We found a set, the price was great, and it was in stock!! Yeah!!! Mattress and boxspring purchased and on hold until dear hubby comes by with a truck to pick them up. Fortunately, it is close to where the dining set is.

Next, a treat for the family....lunch! Then we headed home, loaded up the cars, and headed to the new home where I began the job of trying to figure out how to get all the stuff from home 1 into home 2.  WOAH!!! And how is darling daughter liking the idea of her own room? So far, so good. She loved putting stuff in it and closes her door behind her. And yep, I have already been asked to stay out of her room. Gotta love that! I think this change is going to be harder on me than her.....

Toe Update: Still broken, or not broken. I don't know. I wish each day it isn't so I can be running again soon. The bruising is going down. The swelling is going down a little too. However, my toe began to ache and cramp like crazy to the point it was waking me up at night. I started doing a little massage thing on it and "toe exercises" where I try to wiggle it and lift it x-times. It takes a little effort but seems to be helping the tightness. I did put on my Columbia running shoes yesterday and that is a great first step. However, as soon as I stood up to take my first step I quickly knew I wasn't quite ready yet. So I guess it will be abs and glutes after work, barefoot style, at home!

Today I am grateful for:


Mahalo Amanda - Interview

Aloha All!

There are many people out there who touch me and make an impact in my life. Amanda of RunToTheFinish is one. I love her blog and what made me reach out to learn more was her gratitude journal. My thankful thoughts that I have begun to incorporate were from her inspiration. With that said, Amanda was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions and I would love the honor to introduce her to you all!!!

{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: How long have your been running?
Amanda replies: Since 2002...holy cow how time flies! I started running to lose weight and never thought it would be something that I would inspire me to change my whole life.
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: What is your greatest joy in running?
Amanda replies:
I love it when I can head out for a long run and just find the joy in allowing my body to move and feeling so proud of accomplishing something that I once thought impossible.
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: How do you feel when you don't get a scheduled run in?
Amanda replies
I get cranky. :) I love being active, so I always try to find a way to squeeze something in every day. If I have to miss a run then I generally make it up with a longer run the next day.
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: What is your biggest hurdle in running?
Amanda replies
This year it has really been my health and that was a frustrating thing. Because as badly as I wanted to run, I simply couldn't and it was probably not in my best interest to do so.  Motivation has never  been an issue because I simply love running.
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: What is your favorite running distance and why?
Amanda replies
I actually love long runs of about 15-17 miles. I race to have fun with others, so there is no race distance that I particularly love more than others.  But two hours of thinking about life and relaxing, well that is my best medicine.
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: You pay a lot of attention to your diet, which is great and I believe we can all make improvements in our diets. If you were to give others three diet rules to live by, what would they be?
Amanda replies
The biggest lesson I have learned is there is no bad food, but there are foods that make you feel better and worse. You can absolutely enjoy a cookie, but can you make it healthier? Are you eating it because you really want it or because you are avoiding an emotion (my biggest issue!)?  Don't be afraid of food! Instead transform your focus from what you can't have to what you CAN have. Tracking my total fruit and veggie intake changed my entire diet and made me so much happier!
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: Personally, I was inspired by your gratitude journal and it was one of the many things that kept me coming back to your blog. Do you feel your life has changed by incorporating this? How?
Amanda replies
The Gratitude Journal is one of the greatest tools that I have begun to use for changing my thoughts. It is the perfect way to turn around any day and keep me moving forward with a happier life...what you think about you attract! 
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: Can you share one interesting tidbit about yourself?
Amanda replies
I got married in a parking garage. Ok but most of you have read about that crazy story, so another interesting tid bit is that nothing makes me happier than answering questions about running or inspiring some one to try running and find out they CAN!
{lifeasa}RunningMom asks: If you were to give a new runner one piece of advice, what would it be?
Amanda replies
You are welcome at any running group. No one cares how fast or slow you are, they are truly happy to bring another person in to the crazy lifestyle of runners.
You can find Amanda at RunToTheFinish and on Twitter. She is currently striving to raise money for breast cancer (many mahalos for that) and check out the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011. I've signed up, will you?


Why lead a group run?

I have always been a solo runner except when I added in the jogging stroller. When I run in races, I tend to find myself a little bubble to run in...not surrounded by people, but surrounded by space.

So why do I have this itching desire to lead a running group?

The answer is simple.

I love to run. I feel I am meant to run and that through running I learn many life lessons. I am driven to share my love of running to others. I want to provide the support I wished for in the early months after having my child.

I was a runner who opted to not run during my pregnancy and it took me time to get back into the groove. Not because of lack of desire but lack of confidence, motivation, etc. I lived on a street I couldn't just go out the door and run with a jogging stroller. My jogging stroller at the time barely fit into my car. It was a lot of effort and I worried about how old my child should be before I bump her around in a stroller while running.

Granted, I did look for mommy and me exercise groups. ANY KIND WOULD DO! But to my dismay, they were all offered when I had to be at work. No good. And none were running focused, except for a stroller running group on another island.

Now I am at the phase in my life where I want to provide that opportunity to others --- the opportunity to join a running group no matter what your fitness level. You are welcome as a newbie. You are welcome with a jogging stroller. You are welcome as a guy. Residents are welcome. Visitors are welcome.

Currently, I am aiming for one run a week on Saturday mornings, upcountry, at 8:00 am. I felt this was a good time because it was early, but not too early. Moms could come with kiddos, or leave kiddos with significant others. Runners upcountry can join other upcountry runners and currently, there is really an upcountry running group on the island.

Will you help me spread the word?

Today I am grateful for:
  • My darling daughter not crying when I dropped her off at school.
  • Strawberry shaped reusable bags.
  • Clear skies.
  • Sunshine. 
  • Comfortable shoes.


The Stool vs. The Toe

Yesterday was a crazy and yet an amazing day!

It started with a dentist appointment to get one little cavity filled. Sounds easy enough. I was in and out in a matter of minutes and happily returned to work. Unfortunately, my filling wasn't as happy and I think it decided to fall out. Hmmm...back to the dentist I go on my way to get my daughter. I happily informed the dentist I had only 20 minutes to resolve this issue. He took on the challenge with grace. Yep, I was right. The filling had indeed abandoned me and I guess the dentist did want to do the more expensive filling earlier but didn't say anything. So more shots and drilling for me (and this is the worst part...I was on the verge of tears earlier in the day). However, he got through it quickly and gave me a wonderful gift....no charge for the second, more expensive filling due to the inconvenience factor. Thank you, thank you, thank you....gotta run!!!!

By the time I get to my darling daughter's school my head was throbbing!!! Okay, multiple shots and drilling in one day does not mix well with me. We get home, I take some pain meds, and we have fun at the table working on artwork and some stuff on the computer. A lot of fun!

I am usually completely aware of everything going around me but without realizing something was amiss I hear an awful scraping (think very bad fingernails on a chalkboard), a bang, and a cry. I quickly realized that somehow my daughter knocked over the stool onto my toe (the bang) and she was crying. Fortunately she wasn't hurt physically but I was in so much pain I couldn't say a word. I couldn't do a thing except hold my toe and close my eyes. But mommy took over and I turned to my daughter and tried to comfort her but by then anything that came out of my mouth wasn't too comforting. There were a lot of ouches, I think my toe is broken, what happened??? My darling daughter was starting to calm down and I realized my mommy side needed improvement. I couldn't stand up yet to pick her up but coaxed her onto my lap and hugged her tightly and told her I was so sorry my voice got loud. I explained I was hurting and it wasn't her fault and that she must be so scared. She let out another good cry and then was eager to investigate my toe and make me all better.

I hoped it was just a bruise. I hoped I was overreacting but I think it really is broken. And I really, really wanted to run this morning but I can barely stand on my foot and even put on these shoes was a painful experience. So instead, I put on a race tech shirt to wear to work. And yes, I can do this since it is a work logo'd shirt!!!

So the stool won as it is still in one piece with no injuries, scrapes, etc. to show from the battle.

Today I am thankful for:


Closing Doors, Opening Windows

We all know the expression, when one door closes.....

Google image
another window opens......

Google image

This past weekend was not like any weekend I expected. Not only because I aged a year, which really doesn't bother me, but because so many things happened that are not part of my normal routine.

Here is how it rolled:

I was confronted with worrisome news and reached out to my family and asked for prayers. Then instead of praying for what I wanted, I prayed for strength.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I hosted my first running group run. I had one runner with me but am happy I didn't have none for this first try. What makes it so much better is that she is new to running. Stay tuned for more on this and why I am doing this.

I got the impulse to have a garage sale and started organizing it. My darling daughter is a great assistant by the way. And no, Mommy can't take any breaks.

I was informed that we have to move in 45 days. The owners are ready to move back to the islands and retire. After the initial moment of panic, I started to see the silver lining on this cloud. BTW, we already found our new home and guess that garage sale impulse had a reason.

Once I processed all this, I felt some outdoor time was in order. I got the family together and we headed to the park and community pool nearby. The larger pool is still closed due to maintenace issues but my dear hubby and darling daughter hopped into the training pool. I opted to do a quick run around the track. Just a mile and to push myself out of the comfort zone. My mile was was 7'34". It was fun and hard, especially against those nasty headwinds here and there. Afterwards, I jumped into the very cold training pool with my darling daughter as dear hubby eagerly jumped out. Can you say ice bath? But guess what, I want to do this again and think routine speed mile tests would be a good training tool. What do you think? How often should I do this?

Today I am grateful for:
  • The power of prayer
  • New opportunities
  • Pinking purple walls
  • Dryers
  • A child's excitement

So tell me, did your weekend have any life changing events for you?