What's Your Passion?

I love my family dearly so it is so hard for me to explain how passionate I am about running and how much running means to me. I truly love to run and even though I may drag my feet at the start of a run, I usually get into it in a reasonable amount of time. Okay, I honestly take a good 20-30 minutes to get into my happy running self. 

When I was pregnant my doctor quickly advised me to not run unless I could run without my feet making any impact. Hmmm...no doc, my feet do and will make impact. I was a nervous pregnant woman and had miscarried years ago so I blindly followed him. He knew best right? He was the doctor. In hindsight, he was an older doctor with older viewpoints and yes, running would have been fine. 

I don't regret the choices I made during my pregnancy but if I were to become pregnant again, I would do things differently. What I do regret is how long it took me to get out there and start running again. I wanted to and I worried about so many little things (like jostling my darling daughter too much in the jogging stroller). I searched extensively for mommy and me exercise groups to help provide me with the motivation and support I needed. I found a great one that was focused on running. All the moms got together and ran with their jogging strollers and did some fun strength building exercises with their little bundles of joy. Problem was --- the class was on another island. Oops....

I haven't returned to running yet
As time progressed I did get back out there and start running. I am finding ways to get it all squeezed into my hectic life. I have a huge love for running and I have a growing passion to share that with others and to inspire and support other running moms to do the same. There is no reason why a mom should sacrifice her time to better herself through fitness and health. It only makes her a better mom and a wonderful role model for her children and for society at large.

Jogging stroller used to walk to see pigs across the street
I find myself on the verge of asking how can I make a bigger impact? Am I doing all I can to support other running moms? Am I doing all I can do to support other running women? Do I dare propose taking on the task of leading a running group for women and moms? What do you think?

Mommy back to running again


  1. Your an amazing mom. Truly. I am inspired every time I read about you and your darling daughter. My kidlets are my 3 greatest achievements and joys in this life. I aspire with my running, to teach my kids how important it is to find a "joy" in this life, to be healthy to reach for goals others tell you, "you can't do". You are doing this for your darling girl! Way to go you!

  2. You are an awesome mom. You are very passionate about running, I think you should get a running group together or you could get you RRCA Certified Coach. That would be awesome to.

  3. Thanks gals for the good vibes! Certified Coach??? Now that is a good idea for me to pursue one day.

  4. I think you know that you and I are of similar minds on this. We set an example for other mothers, women, children - through our actions. We have more energy and passion for doing good in the world. It's a start...a good start... http://www.chronicrunner.com/2011/09/reflections-on-running-and-motherhood.html


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