We can all be blessed by good fortune!

I am so happy to be running again even though my mileage is low, low, low. However, I do believe I am doing good with my marathon come back. I am integrating some really cool additional elements to my workout plan and man oh man, they are taking a toll on me!

I love achy muscles. The good achy muscles that is. The ones that signify you have done something good to yourself. I was blessed with achy abs yesterday so I guess that Ab Boot Camp really did something good! (Blessing number 1 from yesterday)

When I got back to work after over a week off I discovered a nice shoe box by my desk. Oh thank you dear shoe fairy for blessing number 2! Okay, it wasn't the shoe fairy but our retail store. They want to promote the Columbia Drainmaker running shoe with our annual Run for the Whales but wanted it to be tested by a runner first. Okay, I will test the shoe for free but I am really hesitant that Columbia will make a good running shoe. Perhaps I am a shoe snob and get too stoked about Saucony or Brooks, but hey, that may make me a good test pilot.

I received a pair in wild dove and raspberry (guess work knows my color loves) and I am going to give these shoes a whirl and let you, and work, know what I feel in the end. And yes, I did already do a test run on them yesterday. I followed up a wee little 0.68 mile run with a Skimble Sexy Lean Legs workout. It was a short and brief workout but got me moving and active.

Here are some pictures of my shoes and guess what? My darling daughter was as excited as I was! She couldn't resist busting into the box!

At the end of the day my dear hubby gave me a massage (blessing #3) and eventually I had to head off to bed completely exhausted. My plan was to get up at 4:00 am today but I opted for an extra hour because I am sore, I am tired, and perhaps I am jumping back into the game too quickly. And hey, I can always do some running and Skimble when I get home!!!

What have your recent blessing been?

Today I am grateful for:
  • Unexpected Blessings
  • "Heavenly Blend Coffee"
  • Soft, squishy shoes
  • Quiet moments
  • My daughter's Special Day at school


  1. Got to love blessings ;)!
    You will have to keep me updated on how the shoes end up working out!

  2. Praise the Lord for the blessings!! Your little daughter is adorable, so cute she is excited for your new running shoes; she must look up to you being a marathoner :)

  3. Thanks Kris! She just reinforces my commitment to running and to prove to her women can do it!


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