Running Intervals

Once again I am squeezing in workouts into my day so today I opted to run some intervals on my 10% incline treadmill. It was a great workout but I know my sensor has miscalculated distance. I love technology but it seems technology loses me when I run. Does that happen to you too?

My Garmin years ago would lose track of me even when running upcountry. I thought being closer to the sky would make me easier to find. Obviously not. And my Nike+ sensor loses me too. I realize the calculations aren't always perfect but the technology does provide me with a better means to track my progress and training. Therefore, I am thankful!

Today my Nike+ says I ran 1.38 miles with an overall pace of 12'22". I know I ran faster than my overall pace of 11'43" for my last incline run but hey, I'm not going to try to guess it. At least, not today.

Now to answer some questions I have had.

About this running skirt....Yes, it is indeed Nike and no, the tag didn't label the model name anywhere. I looked. But it really fits the description of the Nike Pacer running skirt I had been eyeing online. I love it! It is short, the boy shorts underneath stay in place well, and it has a back pocket my cell phone can fit in. It also has a side pocket on the inside of your right hip that I really don't use. But you may like it. I reviewed running skirts HEREHERE, and HERE.

Does my husband support my running? Yes but passively. Did he support me going to Kaua'i by myself to run and meet my hero. Yes. Did he text to wish me good luck before my race or text encouragement, support, questions post-race. Not really. Just one quick response when I told him I was done and waiting for my massage. He said "enjoy your massage". Does he complain about my running? At times but he has said it is because he feels I don't have time for him. Does he give up his running for me or to allow me more time to run? Nope so I just deal. It makes me stronger and I know he loves me.

Thanks for the questions! Now it is time to clean up and get ready for anniversary dinner. My darling daughter will be with dear friends who have great plans in store for her! She is going to have a blast!

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