Rest Day Distraction

Thank you bloggies for your support of me taking a rest day. So instead of running, my darling daughter and I did this.

Afterwards we had dinner and a movie as dear hubby was at a late meeting. Dinner was our favorite, nachos, and movie was Sid the Science Kid. I only mentioned that since my darling daughter commented that Sid's mom wears a Bondi Band! Made me laugh about the impact I am having on her life!


  1. That's soo cool!! I'm excited for when my daughter is older and we can do crafts together. Right now she is 7 months so it will be awhile. Hopefully your rest day gives you a boost, if you still don't feel up to par give it a couple more days :)

  2. @Kris - Did an "easy" workout today and felt so much better! The rest made a huge difference!

    Oh yeah, and when your dear gets older you are going to have so much fun with crafts!

  3. What a fun craft!!! So darling!!!


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