Post-race funk

I had so much fun this past weekend and yes, I promise the race analysis is on its way. Thing is, since I returned home I feel kinda lazy. Nothing is really amping me up much. I had so much energy and enthusiasm throughout the weekend and now, I am listless. Perhaps that is a good thing as my body can take its time to mend the muscles, but really? Now is not the time to be listless, I have a marathon in two weeks that I am so excited for!

One confession --- it did cross my mind the day before the Kauai Half to just switch to the full and get it done with already. But nope, still waiting for the 18th so my whole family can share the experience with me.

Do you get post-race funks?

What do you do to get out of them?


  1. I got in a post race funk last week after hood to coast. I'm still working through it as the knee keeps being bothersome. I keep telling myself to take it one day at a time and to get amped for the things that are coming up. I can't wait to hear about how your race went!

  2. I am glad I am not alone! I am sure the adrenaline of marathon day around the corner will start amping me up!


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