Only about 47 more hours.....

Until what? Until I am officially running my first marathon. It will be the 41st annual Maui Marathon and I as super duper excited. Have I told you yet how excited I am???? My darling daughter even had me practicing running by her to the finish line so we could do our high fives. Good idea since initially she had me stopping to complete the task. I don't think I will want to stop so close to the finish line but we worked out the kinks and I will let you know how it works in reality.

On another note, I got the DailyBurn app on my iPhone. I couldn't resist this FREE app and see what it had to offer. There are some things I would improve but from a few days of "playing" with it, I think I seriously overestimate how many calories I think I am consuming. And for protein, oh me oh my, no where getting as much as I thought.

It takes time to input the foods you have consumed and I don't know how well I will be at doing this daily, but I feel it is a great tool to check in on my diet and see if I am really eating what I think I am. Because honestly, in the four days I have inputted, I have fallen short on calories and protein every day! But no surprises, I am good on my carbohydrates and not exceeding my fats.

P.S. And if I vanish from the virtual blog face of the world....it is just race related and I will be back again very soon!

Happy Running!


  1. Good luck on Sunday!!!

  2. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope it's a wonderful experience for you!!!! :)

  3. Good Luck!! You'll do awesome!! I would like to do the Maui Marathon someday...ahh..Hawaii.

  4. good good good luck!!! I know you'll do great. I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  5. Many mahalos for all the good luck wishes!


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