On the road again.....

First, I gotta say I think post-marathon has me more emotional than I was during pregnancy. But let's get back to that in a moment because I am eager to talk running!

I owe you some better blog pics soon!
I started my day with a 3.17 mile run on a hilly course. It started mainly downhill which leaves me running mainly uphill to wrap things up. I felt great at the start but had a moment when my left piriformis and hamstring whined (I kept on running) and at the end the arch of my left foot ached (new one for me --- kept on running and it quieted down). My overall pace was slow at 11'15" but I think I should be happy since I ran a marathon last Sunday. Speed work is just around the corner.

After returning home I couldn't resist the temptation to try another workout with Skimble. I chose Ab Boot Camp today, which was 16 minutes of moderate intensity ab moves. It was a good workout and once again, there is room for improvement on my part. And hey, if there isn't, I shouldn't be doing that particular workout!

All in all, I was feeling great about myself for doing some good running and ab work. I headed to the grocery store with my darling daughter only to bump into someone we knew. After hearing them brag about how great my dear hubby was for running last weekend I really felt on the verge of tears. My happy moment was obliterated to nothing. I held it together but once in the car, I had to cry and ended up texting a good friend who quickly and happily cheered me back up again! Those darn emotions!

So, to keep me focused on what is important I am going to aim to incorporate some gratitude in each post. Let's see how long this lasts and if I slip feel free to give me a quick kick in the virtual butt!

Today I am grateful for:
1. Bloggies who provide great stories and awesome words of encouragement!
2. Good friends who will let you cry on their shoulders at any time, even through text messages!
3. Skimble workouts!
4. Cuddle time with my darling daughter!
5. My dear hubby for putting up with my crazy emotions!


  1. sorry for all the emotions. Just know you are amazing and the fact that you completed a marathon is amazing and inspiring. You've done something so many people (myself included) have never done and many never will. You definitely keep me motivated!

  2. Thanks Meg O! I just wasn't prepared for the emotions but it makes sense. Not running drives me crazy and I had to take some rest days post-marathon to recover. I am glad I can keep you motivated because you do the same for me!

  3. It's the post race blues!! They will be over soon. My mentor who has ran several marathons says it takes a day of rest for every mile you ran so it will probably be a bit before you feel rocking again. It's ok to cry, you achieved something great and sometimes people open their big mouths and say the wrong thing :( But your still an inspiration in my book, keep it up! You’re a momma and marathoner now that is something to brag about :)

  4. Big Mahalo Kris! That makes sense and thanks for sharing the advice from your mentor. I am on the rebound emotionally now and it does make sense. For six months my focus was on race day and then after 4 hours adn 46 minutes, it was gone. Woah!!!!


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