My plan for today

First, I gotta say I love running and love that I am trying to get myself back into the groove fully.

Second, I gotta say my body may not be as ready as my mind.

So, have I worked my body more than I should have? Here is what I have been up to.
  • 9/18: Marathon Day - Yippee!
  • 9/23: 1.15 mile run at 10% incline
  • 9/24: 1.0 mile run at 10% incline, Skimble Awesome Body Circuit workout
  • 9/25: 3.17 mile run, Skimble Ab Boot Camp workout
  • 9/26: 0.68 mile run at 10% incline, Skimble Sexy Lean Legs workout
  • 9/27: 1.26 mile run at 10% incline, Skimble Ab Boot Camp workout
  • 9/28: 1.84 mile run (1 mile with jogging stroller)

Last night I was just tired. My legs ached. My body felt weak. And recently (okay, the past couple of days) I have been getting that spinning head thing when I get up too quickly (and sometimes that isn't quick at all). So I am thinking, I need to take a rest day today. I even recruited my darling daughter into my efforts. She knows if I try to put on my running clothes this evening she is to tell me, "No, Mommy, No!". "Run, Mommy, Run!" can come tomorrow.

But what are your thoughts? Am I pushing it too much? I thought I was being good by doing little runs.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Sleep
  • Peace
  • The power of love
  • Sausage Burritos
  • Donut holes 


  1. You might just need a little more rest. Take it easy and enjoy doing nothing physical for a day :). Ohh now I want donut holes

  2. Since you just ran a marathon, now's a good time to put your feet up!

  3. I think your body is trying to tell you something. I think a well needed day off is good. You are not going to lose anything that you worked so hard for in one day. Give yourself some love and tender care for a day.

  4. Thanks ladies for reconfirming what I was thinking. I have indeed rested today (as much as I can as a working mom) and hope to get to bed early, sleep in a little extra, and then do some gym time in the morning.

  5. Resting is good and you should probably run on less of an incline for now until you fully recoop. Take some time just hanging out with your daughter and just chill having a girls day :)


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