Life after a Marathon

My goal to run a marathon has been achieved. Now what?

Keep on running and get into a new training plan.

I have taken a few days of dedicated rest (if you call errands, shopping, etc. rest). I have been moving and yesterday I did a short 1.15 mile run on my 10% incline treadmill. It felt great and yes, I could have kept on going. That is always a good running feeling.

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I have also spent some time catching up on reading blogs and have found a lot of inspiration, support, and encouragement. My next goal is to PR at the Run for the Whales half marathon this coming February. The next month or so is my "lazy" training. I have no specific goals really but just to run and enjoy running. Come mid-November I will begin my "true" training. I have already picked a training plan through the Nike+ coach (intermediate 2 level --- up from the beginning level I had for the marathon). I have reviewed the plan with its scheduled long runs and speed work and am happy. The oddity is it has me running only four days a week. Not like me at all but perhaps a good thing. I have been running five days a week so perhaps that extra day can be a focused strength training and/or cross training day. What do you think? Do you have any ideas?

In addition, I bit the bullet and offered to lead a running group (focusing on running moms) in my community. Don't know what the need or desire for such a group is but I will let you know how it turns out!

Happy Running!

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  1. Congrats on being brave and doing the lead in a running group!! Beyond awesome! And I think you will rock it!!! I know a mommy running group would be highly beneficial in my area!! Keep us updated!!!! So glad your back into a running schedule and that it's feeling good!! Way to go you! :)


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