Kaua'i Half Marathon - T minus 13 hours

So here it is....almost race day! I have so many pictures and stories to share and I haven't even toed the start line yet. But I did find it after my long mission to find a store that would sell me a bottle of water. It was harder than you would think and I was on a time crunch since I wanted to be at the panel discussion (awesome by the way). I ended up getting a coconut to drink until renewing my search to buy water.

I am loaded up with water, fruit and cheese for post-race tomorrow, and need to eventually mellow out in my room for the night. But how could I pass up my free internet service to say ALOHA to all my blog friends!

Look forward to stories of meeting my running hero, inspiring Q&A, me volunteering to get up and tell my story (what?!), and of course, how the run goes....tomorrow. I hear the first half is a good uphill journey. Oh me oh my....please be a great preparation for that "little" hill in the Maui Marathon.

P.S. Sorry, can't share pics yet because they are stuck on my camera.


  1. GOOOOD LUCK!!! i can't wait to hear all about it. I know you'll do great :)

  2. Good luck!!!!! Hope you ROCK IT :)!


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