I love you Daddy!

I am so super duper excited for my Mom and lovely Aunt to arrive today!!!! They are coming to see me run on Sunday....okay, they will see the last minute of me running a marathon but you get the point. I am just so saddened that my dad can't be on that plane with them. I know he is with me and that is comforting but I miss him so much. I miss his witty comments, him boinking me on the head, everything about him. His intelligence, compassion, and tenderness truly made a difference in this world and he is sorely missed.

Dad, on Sunday I run for you and I will try not to cry.

The original 5! Nice fashion statement, huh?

He loved every one of his grandchildren.

Think he would be happier doing anything else?

Always helping others

What more can I say?

Way too little time with my darling daughter...tear, tear...

The last tickle...

I think he knew....more tears....


  1. What a lovely post. He's watching you and all the grandkids and smiling. I miss my dad too. :)

    Best of luck on your race!

  2. Oh babes! What a beautiful tribute to your amazing dad! I am 100% sure he will be there with you on Sunday...cheering with you every second of every mile!! He had an amazing smile!! Good luck, and be comforted ;)!

  3. Those are beautiful pics of your dad. What a wonderful way to honor him. Good luck in your race!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely thoughts and well wishes. I am so ready to run! Is it Sunday yet? Please let it come before I start freaking out and getting nervous. :)


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