The Front Street Mile

The past weekend was a whirlwind of emotions and on Saturday I was a nervous wreck so imagine when the bag with running shoes went missing. Granted, I packed two pairs of running shoes for myself (okay, I am a bit paranoid) but I was more worried about what my darling daughter would run in just two hours from the moment I discovered I couldn't find the bag. After much worrying on my part, my dear hubby found the bag in the car trunk. Thank goodness!

I got my darling daughter dressed and ready to go and we headed out to her race, the Front Street Mile. This was her first race and she was completely stoked to get her first "real number" --- the race bib. Her lucky number for the day was 13 and unfortunately for me, her check-in time was 2 hours prior to the race start.

But with some distractions, and a little time out, I headed to the race line to "where the action was" to get her in the mood. My darling daughter even got to see a huge shrimp and get her picture taken with the shrimp and although she was excited to start with, she was quite eager to get away from the huge "crusty crustacean" as soon as possible.

I was lucky that girls under 8 were the first to race since my darling daughter was already yawning. Once the gun shot went off, she was off to a slow start as directed. BTW, the race had good organization. If any kid fell in the beginning zone, the horn would blow and we would all freeze and return to the start.

I ran with my daughter and it was a long mile for her. She chose the pace and took walk breaks when her legs were hurting but when someone cheered for her she took off in a sprint. Towards the end she was feeling it and I don't blame her. It was hot! Therefore, I aimed to distract her with stories from the Ultramarathon Man movie and started talking to her about her favorite scene when Dean Karnazes fell and got hurt but got up and kept running. Her response, "I better than Dean!" and she ran like crazy! That's my girl!

Her time: 15'26". I am so proud of her and only wish I could have alleviated her disappointment that she didn't get a medal. :-(

More details on the Marathon Weekend to come later!


  1. Oh my!!! How wonderful is that?!?!?! She did an amazing job- medal or NO medal!! Super proud of her for DOING IT, and proud of her mommy for supporting her!!! Way to GO!!

  2. Thanks Lacey Sue, I will share you sentiments and I am so proud of her!


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