Day 1

It isn't quite October yet and that was when I told myself I was going to start incorporating some new moves into my training. But I couldn't resist the temptation to do something today.

I was tired. Completely exhausted tired even though I have been getting lots of sleep! Staycations can be so awesome for that. So what does a running mom do? I get up and get active!

I started with running 1 mile at a 10% incline. My legs were sluggish at first but I kept at an easy pace and told myself I could do a mile, no worries. Afterwards I was eager to feel that "burn" of a good workout. I had recently downloaded a FREE workout app to my iPhone and decided to give it a try today. I had already found one that looked fun and was short enough that my darling daughter would be able to let me complete it.

from Skimble
Title: Awesome Body Circuit (through Skimble)
Intensity: Moderate
Duration: 12 minutes

My assessment: I loved it! Some parts were hard for me and I see room for improvement. Although, the leg exercises were a breeze but I can see how they just reinforce what I am already putting my legs through. I look forward to getting stronger with this circuit, which can be repeated if a longer workout is desired. Or I could always start with a longer one!

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  1. That looks like a cool app! Def wanna look into it.


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