Counting down the days

One week to go until my first marathon. I am excited. I am nervous. I am worried. But deep down inside I have faith that I will be fine. It may have hard times but I am determined to make it through each and every step!

image from nike.com
Today's running plan was a bit different. I didn't jump out of bed and immediately get the family geared up to push them out the day so I could start running as early as possible. I wanted to get acquainted with my new toy running gear. I now have the Nike+ GPS app and I want to run with it next week. So it was essential I did so today to work out kinks and get used to it.

Once I was all set and my darling daughter was fed her waffle with blueberries (I had a waffle with almond butter) we headed out. Dear hubby was in charge of play duty today and my darling daughter had her new love, her rolling skates, packed.

They dropped me off roadside and watched patiently as I got my app set up and ready to go. I waved them on and with a few starts and stops to get the volume right, I was off. Immediately I realized how much my body ached and it took me awhile to link it to roller skating with my darling daughter yesterday. It was her second day and I was literally holding her up while trying to maintain somewhat good posture. FYI: Great workout for biceps if you are interested.

My daughter's digital creation of me
It was hot today and I was glad. I knew it was impacting me as I definitely drank more of my nuun than I would if I started hours earlier. And yes, I was glad of this because I was now running in the time of day I would probably be hitting the second half of the marathon next week. It was a mental building exercise. If I can run 10 miles today on rolling hills then I can do 13.1 miles flat next week....and next week, I won't be roller skating with my darling daughter the day before.

My mind wandered like crazy today and I let it. I pondered so many things and it was wonderful to have time alone to think. I wasn't running with the intense joy I had last weekend but that is fine. Each run is different and today I reached my 10 mile goal. I had an overall pace of 10'31" (computed by the new Nike+ GPS app).

And for the next week, I look forward to reading your awesome blogs to stay inspired!


  1. You are SO ready for this marathon!!
    I love how each run is different- it keeps every run interesting. I never know if I am going to have a quiet mind or a busy one. I never know what kind of emotions or thoughts or ideas will come and go. And I love that.
    Enjoy your running! Can't wait for your marathon, good luck!

  2. @ Lacy Sue, Thanks for the vote of confidence! It is just what I needed today.


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