August Stats: Maui Marathon - T minus 18 days

2010 bib, 2011 #99!
I did something odd in August. I completely veered from my training plan on many days and guess what? I am really glad I did! I made changes to accommodate my race schedule, my left piriformis, and my end-state goals. I wanted to incorporate more sleep time and more easy/recovery runs.

My main goal was to stay healthy even when everyone around me was getting sick. Success!

August's stats:
I ran 116.13 miles. I ran 2 of my 3 long runs and completed my longest run yet of 22.08 miles. One long run was removed since I was going to be running a race that weekend. (And that race, it was my fastest run this year.) The other, I was just too bored. Sorry. I ran 5 medium runs (distances must be between 5-10 miles). I had many short runs and logged 21 runs in this category. In the short runs I did some to just run and some to focus on intervals. And there were multiple days with two short runs. All in all, my run average was up to 6.5 runs a week! Being healthy really paid off! I also did more cross training and cycled 5 times in August. Wow!

My upcoming training is pretty much the same as last month. I am focused on maintaining my fitness level and staying healthy for the Kauai Half Marathon this Sunday and the Maui Marathon on the 18th. And sorry, no training calendar again this month as my goals are to "just get out there and run" as I am amping up my fun factor and motivation levels.

August Newbies: nuun! I read so much about it that I had to break down and try it. Love it!

And how did I do on August's hurdles:
  • Overcome the mental road block and gain confidence I can go the additional 6 miles on marathon day - DONE, that 22.08 mile run served me well
  • Continue to decrease the diet cokes I consume - Oh Boy....There are good days and bad days
  • Staying healthy by ensuring I get enough rest (while still having time for my loved one) - DONE

September Hurdles:
  • To not freak out right before the marathon
  • To stay focused on my nutrition with family in town 
  • To stay healthy and rest
  • To remember that I am good enough and will do good enough in both races in September


  1. wooo congrats on so many miles last month and having your longest run yet, that is awesome! Also, glad you like nuun. I'm a little biased, but I think it's great ;)

  2. You, my dear lady, are totally amazing! Congrats on your mileage and all you've achieved the past month! Good luck with Sept. goals!

  3. @ Meg O, I am glad you are biased. You are sharing the word about a great product! And thanks for the congrats. It is amazing how much I put in when I felt I wasn't. Hmmm....may be a good training trick for future marathons.

    @ Lacey Sue, Many Mahalos! I am ready to tackle September and am trying to erase all time goals for the marathon. Oh me oh my!


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