Rest Day Distraction

Thank you bloggies for your support of me taking a rest day. So instead of running, my darling daughter and I did this.

Afterwards we had dinner and a movie as dear hubby was at a late meeting. Dinner was our favorite, nachos, and movie was Sid the Science Kid. I only mentioned that since my darling daughter commented that Sid's mom wears a Bondi Band! Made me laugh about the impact I am having on her life!

My plan for today

First, I gotta say I love running and love that I am trying to get myself back into the groove fully.

Second, I gotta say my body may not be as ready as my mind.

So, have I worked my body more than I should have? Here is what I have been up to.
  • 9/18: Marathon Day - Yippee!
  • 9/23: 1.15 mile run at 10% incline
  • 9/24: 1.0 mile run at 10% incline, Skimble Awesome Body Circuit workout
  • 9/25: 3.17 mile run, Skimble Ab Boot Camp workout
  • 9/26: 0.68 mile run at 10% incline, Skimble Sexy Lean Legs workout
  • 9/27: 1.26 mile run at 10% incline, Skimble Ab Boot Camp workout
  • 9/28: 1.84 mile run (1 mile with jogging stroller)

Last night I was just tired. My legs ached. My body felt weak. And recently (okay, the past couple of days) I have been getting that spinning head thing when I get up too quickly (and sometimes that isn't quick at all). So I am thinking, I need to take a rest day today. I even recruited my darling daughter into my efforts. She knows if I try to put on my running clothes this evening she is to tell me, "No, Mommy, No!". "Run, Mommy, Run!" can come tomorrow.

But what are your thoughts? Am I pushing it too much? I thought I was being good by doing little runs.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Sleep
  • Peace
  • The power of love
  • Sausage Burritos
  • Donut holes 


Get Chico With Me GIVEAWAY

First, no one is paying me to do this and I am doing this fully on my own to spread some goodness around the world. Because, what goes around, comes around, right?

Do you have a Chico bag? Would you like one?

image from Chico website

I am completely in love with my Chico bags and have so many of them in so many different colors. What makes them so special?

First lets focus on the standard responses. They are environmentally friendly so instead of using plastic bags (not so good) or paper bags (not much better) when shopping you can pull out your awesome Chico bag! They are small bags and roll up into a convenient hand sized package that has a clip on it. Therefore, you can clip this to any bag or for me, I just keep 3-4 in my purse at all times....and back-ups in the trunk of my car. And when you live somewhere like I do that has an imposed plastic bag ban, you will want to have your own bag with you. The alternate, you pay for a bag or get a paper bag. The plus, you are doing good for the environment and some stores may credit you 5 cents for each bag you bring. How cool is that?!

Now I know there have been stories about how reusable grocery bags can become contaminated from food in them but do not fret. Your Chico bag is washable and holds up well!

And that brings me to why I love Chico bag on my own personal running mom level. I use a Chico bag daily as my gym bag. Yep, they make great gym bags! It is the perfect size to hold my towel, shampoo, powder (I love baby powder!), change of clothes, and change of shoes. When I am done getting all nasty and sweaty, I can clean up in the gym locker room, put my yuckies in the Chico bag, and go home and wash every piece later. Isn't this better than reusing a gym bag and adding sweaties into it day after day?

What else could you do with your Chico bag? Whatever you want! Beach bag! Show and tell bag! Dirty clothes bag for preschoolers! Toy bag for car trips! Trick or treating bag! Race gear bag! (Yep, when I travel for races I always put my race outfit and shoes into a Chico bag and tie it shut, then pack in my carrying bag.) Stocking stuffer! The options are endless.

And since I want to do good today and spread some love, I am offering you the chance to win not 1 but 3 Chico bags (the original) in red, black, and orange (each bag is one color in case you are beginning to get scared). The perfect colors for the upcoming holidays!

To enter the giveaway you must be a follower of my blog (leave a comment) - 1 entry.

For additional entries do one of more of the following:
  • Like Life as a Running Mom on facebook (leave a comment) - 1 entry.
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There you have it! Lots of ways to enter! You have until midnight on October 9th to enter. The winner will be selected randomly and announced October 10th. And since I am feeling really generous, if I get to 99 followers (in honor of my first marathon number), I will select two lucky winners!


We can all be blessed by good fortune!

I am so happy to be running again even though my mileage is low, low, low. However, I do believe I am doing good with my marathon come back. I am integrating some really cool additional elements to my workout plan and man oh man, they are taking a toll on me!

I love achy muscles. The good achy muscles that is. The ones that signify you have done something good to yourself. I was blessed with achy abs yesterday so I guess that Ab Boot Camp really did something good! (Blessing number 1 from yesterday)

When I got back to work after over a week off I discovered a nice shoe box by my desk. Oh thank you dear shoe fairy for blessing number 2! Okay, it wasn't the shoe fairy but our retail store. They want to promote the Columbia Drainmaker running shoe with our annual Run for the Whales but wanted it to be tested by a runner first. Okay, I will test the shoe for free but I am really hesitant that Columbia will make a good running shoe. Perhaps I am a shoe snob and get too stoked about Saucony or Brooks, but hey, that may make me a good test pilot.

I received a pair in wild dove and raspberry (guess work knows my color loves) and I am going to give these shoes a whirl and let you, and work, know what I feel in the end. And yes, I did already do a test run on them yesterday. I followed up a wee little 0.68 mile run with a Skimble Sexy Lean Legs workout. It was a short and brief workout but got me moving and active.

Here are some pictures of my shoes and guess what? My darling daughter was as excited as I was! She couldn't resist busting into the box!

At the end of the day my dear hubby gave me a massage (blessing #3) and eventually I had to head off to bed completely exhausted. My plan was to get up at 4:00 am today but I opted for an extra hour because I am sore, I am tired, and perhaps I am jumping back into the game too quickly. And hey, I can always do some running and Skimble when I get home!!!

What have your recent blessing been?

Today I am grateful for:
  • Unexpected Blessings
  • "Heavenly Blend Coffee"
  • Soft, squishy shoes
  • Quiet moments
  • My daughter's Special Day at school

For the Love of Coffee!

I am a huge supporter of fundraisers especially those that support a cause that touches my heart. And even though I work in fundraising myself, I have a hard time personally promoting fundraisers. I think it is because of the item I am "selling" but today I have the chance to promote an item I truly believe in.....


I love, love, love the smell of coffee but the taste just doesn't get me, yet. I am thinking about giving it another try due to all the good health benefits of coffee I have been reading but that is another story. My darling daughter's preschool, St. Joseph Early Learning Center, is hosting its fall fundraiser. The item of choice is coffee but it gets even better for two reasons:
  1. It is roasted and packaged by Maui Coffee Roasters. I love supporting local companies and although this may not be local to you, it can give you a delightful taste of Maui!
  2. Maui Coffee Roasters had created a special "Heavenly Blend Coffee" only available through this fundraiser.
There is a choice of regular or decaffeinated and ground or whole bean. The cost is $7 per 8 oz bag and if you need it shipped to you, please add an additional $4.95 and it will be shipped priority. The fundraiser ends October 28th and the coffee is available for pick-up (which I will tend to for those not on Maui) November 19th. 

If you are interested, email me at lifeasarunningmom@gmail.com.

P.S. I am thinking about grabbing a few extra bags to send to family as Christmas gifts!


Monday Madness!

How about some random thoughts to start our weeks off right?

If you asked me five years ago what my life would be like today I wouldn't have given you the correct answer. I wouldn't have been able to say I ran a marathon and want to run more! I definitely wouldn't have said I live in the cutest blue one bedroom house with my dear hubby and darling daughter. And I wouldn't have said I was a family that co-sleeps. Trust me, I was always envisioning children in their rooms. But hey, life happens and we all share one room which has made me really read more about co-sleeping (and by the way, this is the norm in some cultures). There are many benefits to cosleeping and the Natural Parents Network lists five: it furthers trust and independence, children are more secure, positively influences the child's self-esteem and family closeness, children may be better adjusted and better to get along with, and everyone sleeps better. Okay, I can't say cosleeping is the best for all and it is a decision each family needs to make (and sometimes economics forces the hand) but I must say, it is nice to wake up to the cuddles of my darling daughter while I can!

The meatloaf recipe that will convert a "meatloaf hater" to a "meatloaf lover". I grew up really hating meatloaf (sorry mom) and don't believe I am now a mom making meatloaf. But for this recipe, the troops will ask for more! 

2 lb lean turkey meat
1/2 tray of mushrooms (minced)
1 package onion soup mix
1/2 Italian bread crumbs
1 egg
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 can cream of mushroom soup

Steps: Mix all ingredients (except the mushroom soup) together and press into a loaf pan. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350F for about 60-90 minutes (or until almost done). Uncover and slice down the center lengthwise. I do this because I am paranoid about not cooking the meatloaf completely and it gives the loaf a nice groove for the next step. Bake another 15 minutes or so until the top begins to brown and you are happy about how well it is cooked. Happiness is important, right? Spoon the cream of mushroom soup on top and let some get into that nice groove. Bake another 5-15 minutes until the soup is warm and bubbly how you like it. Serve with yummy vegetables - last week I steamed locally grown broccoli and green beans!

Serves: My last batch fed 6 people (including a hungry teenage boy) and we had leftovers, which I converted into Meatloaf Stew.

Today I am grateful for silly pictures, good friends who understand sometimes a girl just needs to vent, chai tea lattes, Bondi Bands, and good fortune!


On the road again.....

First, I gotta say I think post-marathon has me more emotional than I was during pregnancy. But let's get back to that in a moment because I am eager to talk running!

I owe you some better blog pics soon!
I started my day with a 3.17 mile run on a hilly course. It started mainly downhill which leaves me running mainly uphill to wrap things up. I felt great at the start but had a moment when my left piriformis and hamstring whined (I kept on running) and at the end the arch of my left foot ached (new one for me --- kept on running and it quieted down). My overall pace was slow at 11'15" but I think I should be happy since I ran a marathon last Sunday. Speed work is just around the corner.

After returning home I couldn't resist the temptation to try another workout with Skimble. I chose Ab Boot Camp today, which was 16 minutes of moderate intensity ab moves. It was a good workout and once again, there is room for improvement on my part. And hey, if there isn't, I shouldn't be doing that particular workout!

All in all, I was feeling great about myself for doing some good running and ab work. I headed to the grocery store with my darling daughter only to bump into someone we knew. After hearing them brag about how great my dear hubby was for running last weekend I really felt on the verge of tears. My happy moment was obliterated to nothing. I held it together but once in the car, I had to cry and ended up texting a good friend who quickly and happily cheered me back up again! Those darn emotions!

So, to keep me focused on what is important I am going to aim to incorporate some gratitude in each post. Let's see how long this lasts and if I slip feel free to give me a quick kick in the virtual butt!

Today I am grateful for:
1. Bloggies who provide great stories and awesome words of encouragement!
2. Good friends who will let you cry on their shoulders at any time, even through text messages!
3. Skimble workouts!
4. Cuddle time with my darling daughter!
5. My dear hubby for putting up with my crazy emotions!


Day 1

It isn't quite October yet and that was when I told myself I was going to start incorporating some new moves into my training. But I couldn't resist the temptation to do something today.

I was tired. Completely exhausted tired even though I have been getting lots of sleep! Staycations can be so awesome for that. So what does a running mom do? I get up and get active!

I started with running 1 mile at a 10% incline. My legs were sluggish at first but I kept at an easy pace and told myself I could do a mile, no worries. Afterwards I was eager to feel that "burn" of a good workout. I had recently downloaded a FREE workout app to my iPhone and decided to give it a try today. I had already found one that looked fun and was short enough that my darling daughter would be able to let me complete it.

from Skimble
Title: Awesome Body Circuit (through Skimble)
Intensity: Moderate
Duration: 12 minutes

My assessment: I loved it! Some parts were hard for me and I see room for improvement. Although, the leg exercises were a breeze but I can see how they just reinforce what I am already putting my legs through. I look forward to getting stronger with this circuit, which can be repeated if a longer workout is desired. Or I could always start with a longer one!

Life after a Marathon

My goal to run a marathon has been achieved. Now what?

Keep on running and get into a new training plan.

I have taken a few days of dedicated rest (if you call errands, shopping, etc. rest). I have been moving and yesterday I did a short 1.15 mile run on my 10% incline treadmill. It felt great and yes, I could have kept on going. That is always a good running feeling.

bing image
I have also spent some time catching up on reading blogs and have found a lot of inspiration, support, and encouragement. My next goal is to PR at the Run for the Whales half marathon this coming February. The next month or so is my "lazy" training. I have no specific goals really but just to run and enjoy running. Come mid-November I will begin my "true" training. I have already picked a training plan through the Nike+ coach (intermediate 2 level --- up from the beginning level I had for the marathon). I have reviewed the plan with its scheduled long runs and speed work and am happy. The oddity is it has me running only four days a week. Not like me at all but perhaps a good thing. I have been running five days a week so perhaps that extra day can be a focused strength training and/or cross training day. What do you think? Do you have any ideas?

In addition, I bit the bullet and offered to lead a running group (focusing on running moms) in my community. Don't know what the need or desire for such a group is but I will let you know how it turns out!

Happy Running!


Stuck in the Middle

I aim to be a positive person and to see the gifts in life but I find myself in an emotional rut I can't get out of; therefore, I am going to share it and hopefully find the answer through forcing myself to verbalize what's going on.

First, I am a middle child and am aware of the psychology of middle children. Honestly, I know each child is special with their own gifts but my whole life I feel compared to my siblings. Not as "smart" and "successful" as my older sister, not as "darling" as my younger sister, etc. Plus, I have always shared because that is what you do and I do love to share. But I feel there has always been that unfulfilled desire to have something special of my own. My own whatever and I feel it is being transferred over to my running --- this is something I could do and be "special".

I want to be a successful runner and would like that to be "my thing". I am not asking to be super speedy just that running can be special to me in my life. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be the only runner out there. I really want others to run too because I love it so much and really, how much fun would a race be if I was the only runner in the world?

What irks me is all the effort and sacrifices I put into my training to reach my successes knowing that perhaps my successes would be greater if I had more training time. But I am happy with my accomplishments and know with time, I can make improvements. Rationally, I know all this and I know I am really only competing against myself and doing the best I can at that moment. But emotionally I get so frustrated when others get successes without any perceived sacrifices.

Let me put it frankly, this past weekend my dear hubby placed first in his division in the half marathon. I should be super happy for him and I am happy but annoyed. Why? First, I had to drag it out of him because he didn't want to tell me. Second, he then complained a bit that he could have done better. What?! Although in his defense, he stated later he was happy. This whole thing leaves me feeling down on myself since I am not happier for him and I am wondering if I am a "bad" wife. Perhaps I would feel happier if he made the same sacrifices of getting up before the cows to run instead of running after work and knowing I had our daughter taken care of and was making dinner. Perhaps if for the past two months I haven't had multiple co-workers telling me how awesome he was and how committed he was for running so much. You see, he runs where they see him as they leave work where as I train before they are even awake.

So I guess I am just annoyed by it all and really shouldn't be. I did run a marathon and did an awesome job training (even if no one saw). I know the truth and I really don't want to be on a pedestal. I just don't want to be completely overshadowed and am tired of being stuck in the middle.

* All images from BING


Remembering My First Marathon

I think this is the hardest race recap I have written to date and I can't believe how hard it is to organize my thoughts. So, let's start at the beginning.

Why I ran? Because it was always an inner ambition in me to run a marathon and to remember and honor my Dad.

The Expo - It was quite large and a lot of vendors were present. I loved stopping by to pick up some new Bondi Bands and my darling daughter and I wrote on "the wall". I also picked up a new hat for myself (love them for beach days) and my darling daughter got a new shirt. We both enjoyed drinking some lemon-infused water and my dear hubby took pictures of us enjoying the moment. The only oddity was that the half marathoners and marathoners got to pick up their "finisher" shirt before even toeing the line.

Afterwards, I ran the Front Street Mile with my darling daughter and since our car was trapped in the race course, we had an early dinner and enjoyed the scenery and poked our heads in a few shops. This was ideal since my mom and aunt were in town for the "festivities". And later that night, I got to eat a bit more pizza before going to bed early. Yep, my little darling was so beat that she zonked out so I took advantage of another good night of sleep.

However, sleep ended at 1:00 am when I woke with a terrible headache that had me feeling nauseous. The cause may have been how I fell asleep on the pillows or the AC in the hotel room (we don't have AC at home) but regardless, I woke my dear hubby so he could kindly give me a neck and shoulder massage and by the time my alarm went off at 3:00 am I was fine.

I woke and ate my pre-race meal, rinsed in the shower, and went through the whole pre-race dressing routine --- sunscreen, Body Glide, and all. My dear hubby walked me to the shuttle and off I went. The bus ride was long and people were discussing their multiple marathons and it had me feeling uneasy for a bit but I brought my mind into focus. Everyone has a first and this was mine.

At the start I grabbed some Powerade, took a couple of potty breaks, and got into my time corral and we were walked to the start. The gun went off and before I even really realized it I was running the start of my first marathon.

I made sure I started with an easy pace and didn't get propelled forward by those passing me. By four miles I needed a potty break but passed up waiting in line behind five others. I opted to run another two miles and try again and tried not to get frustrated by the multiple men heading into the trees for their breaks. I paused my Nike+ at my break and unfortunately it didn't really restart when I asked it to so it missed recording about one mile of my run.

I was running well, refueling and hydrating as planned, and by mile 7 I began passing others. I continued this throughout the hills where I felt completely strong. I felt I could go faster but didn't give in since I didn't know how much I would need at the end. Somewhere around 18 miles my body began to complain and I began my mind games to keep me going. I was still passing some runners and some runners passed me. I played some leap frog with one running couple throughout the remainder of the race.

At mile 21 I felt I could really use my Dad's presence but instead got greeted and handed water by a young runner I know on island who was working at the aid station. It was a welcome hello and revitalized me some. I kept running and told myself to keep running, no matter what the pace.

At mile 23 I saw a runner down being aided by a patrol man calling in support. I was grateful I could still run and tried to pick up my pace a bit. At mile 25 I knew I was going to finish fine and was grateful once again as an ambulance went flying by. At mile 26 I saw my mom and my aunt on the side cheering and I made the final stretch but not without taking that short detour to the side to high five my darling daughter.

My time was 4:46:40 with an overall pace of 10'58". Not the pace I dreamed of but I am happy. I finished and I could walk after. I was sore a few days but I could still walk and enjoy the time with my family.


The Front Street Mile

The past weekend was a whirlwind of emotions and on Saturday I was a nervous wreck so imagine when the bag with running shoes went missing. Granted, I packed two pairs of running shoes for myself (okay, I am a bit paranoid) but I was more worried about what my darling daughter would run in just two hours from the moment I discovered I couldn't find the bag. After much worrying on my part, my dear hubby found the bag in the car trunk. Thank goodness!

I got my darling daughter dressed and ready to go and we headed out to her race, the Front Street Mile. This was her first race and she was completely stoked to get her first "real number" --- the race bib. Her lucky number for the day was 13 and unfortunately for me, her check-in time was 2 hours prior to the race start.

But with some distractions, and a little time out, I headed to the race line to "where the action was" to get her in the mood. My darling daughter even got to see a huge shrimp and get her picture taken with the shrimp and although she was excited to start with, she was quite eager to get away from the huge "crusty crustacean" as soon as possible.

I was lucky that girls under 8 were the first to race since my darling daughter was already yawning. Once the gun shot went off, she was off to a slow start as directed. BTW, the race had good organization. If any kid fell in the beginning zone, the horn would blow and we would all freeze and return to the start.

I ran with my daughter and it was a long mile for her. She chose the pace and took walk breaks when her legs were hurting but when someone cheered for her she took off in a sprint. Towards the end she was feeling it and I don't blame her. It was hot! Therefore, I aimed to distract her with stories from the Ultramarathon Man movie and started talking to her about her favorite scene when Dean Karnazes fell and got hurt but got up and kept running. Her response, "I better than Dean!" and she ran like crazy! That's my girl!

Her time: 15'26". I am so proud of her and only wish I could have alleviated her disappointment that she didn't get a medal. :-(

More details on the Marathon Weekend to come later!



Aloha Friends,

I have missed you and have thought about you the past couple of days when I wasn't blogging. I even thought about you during my marathon during each tough time and felt your support and words of encouragement.

I will be writing more about my experience but just wanted to say...I DID IT! I have now officially completed my first marathon (and already planning on how to improve training for my next)! My time was 4:46:40. Not as great as I would want but gives me plenty of room for improvement.

I will chat more later and can't wait to catch up on your running lives.


Only about 47 more hours.....

Until what? Until I am officially running my first marathon. It will be the 41st annual Maui Marathon and I as super duper excited. Have I told you yet how excited I am???? My darling daughter even had me practicing running by her to the finish line so we could do our high fives. Good idea since initially she had me stopping to complete the task. I don't think I will want to stop so close to the finish line but we worked out the kinks and I will let you know how it works in reality.

On another note, I got the DailyBurn app on my iPhone. I couldn't resist this FREE app and see what it had to offer. There are some things I would improve but from a few days of "playing" with it, I think I seriously overestimate how many calories I think I am consuming. And for protein, oh me oh my, no where getting as much as I thought.

It takes time to input the foods you have consumed and I don't know how well I will be at doing this daily, but I feel it is a great tool to check in on my diet and see if I am really eating what I think I am. Because honestly, in the four days I have inputted, I have fallen short on calories and protein every day! But no surprises, I am good on my carbohydrates and not exceeding my fats.

P.S. And if I vanish from the virtual blog face of the world....it is just race related and I will be back again very soon!

Happy Running!


I love you Daddy!

I am so super duper excited for my Mom and lovely Aunt to arrive today!!!! They are coming to see me run on Sunday....okay, they will see the last minute of me running a marathon but you get the point. I am just so saddened that my dad can't be on that plane with them. I know he is with me and that is comforting but I miss him so much. I miss his witty comments, him boinking me on the head, everything about him. His intelligence, compassion, and tenderness truly made a difference in this world and he is sorely missed.

Dad, on Sunday I run for you and I will try not to cry.

The original 5! Nice fashion statement, huh?

He loved every one of his grandchildren.

Think he would be happier doing anything else?

Always helping others

What more can I say?

Way too little time with my darling daughter...tear, tear...

The last tickle...

I think he knew....more tears....


Kendrick Fitness Rocks!

If you are new to my blog, or missed my post, I truly love the support and advice Kendrick Ribeiro provides. You can read more about him HERE at an interview he graciously agreed to do with me.

He is on a FAT BURNING mission right now and if you are ready to get some great K-tips daily, go to facebook and "Like" Kendrick Fitness but don't forget to leave a comment saying {lifeasa}RunningMom sent you!

Aloha Visualization!

I was beginning to get jittery last night about the upcoming marathon. It was girls' night and it was late so I turned to my darling daughter and said "Mommy is getting a bit nervous about the marathon. How do you think I will do?" I didn't have long to ponder how crazy it is to turn to a 3 1/2 year old for advice before she surprised me with her ever present ability to shock me. She quickly responded, "Mommy, you will do fine and I will be there to cheer you on.  I will even go on the plane with you." When I informed her there is no plane this time, she went on to describe how we can high five at the end and that she will be waving her American flag so I can see her.

I cuddled up to her later in bed feeling amazed that I have such a perfect little girl to love and cherish and when the self-doubt started working its way into my mind again, I started visualizing.

Here is my race course. Okay, it isn't just mine but I like to call it mine. It allows me to take ownership of what I am about to embark on.

I know this course and even though I don't run it much, I have run bits of pieces of it here and there. Plus, I drive a good portion of it to and from work and I have been thinking of myself running it while driving. But here is how race day is going to go.

The day before. Go to the EXPO and get my race packet. Go to the Front Street Mile Run and run my darling daughter's first race with her. (Yippee!) Prep all my stuff for race day including my Dad's remembrance piece I will be putting on my right leg. Haven't completely decided what I am going to write but I will do something. Have a good dinner and try to get to bed early. Hmmm....

The shuttle bus service to the start line will run between 3:30 am to 4:15 am. Race start is at 5:30 am and as much as I don't like lingering too long at the start, I don't want to worry about being late. I am a very punctual person that is always early to things. Perhaps a character flaw on race day as it makes me a little too early sometimes. I plan to catch the shuttle around 3:45 am or so. Therefore, I need to wake up at 3:00 am, eat and drink, take a quick rinse in the shower, sunscreen up, get into gear, and visit the potty probably for the 100th time before walking to the shuttle pick-up. As much as I would like my dear hubby to escort me, he will probably opt to stay in bed or start his own pre-race routine. He is doing his first half marathon and his course starts and ends at the marathon finish.

Right before race start, say my silent prayers and gain my focus. Take deep breathes. Be calm. Be focused. Try not to cry too much. Yes, I have a tendency to get weepy before race starts on the longer runs. So much emotion.

5:30 am: Race starts. Keep my adrenaline in check and start smart. Deep breathes. Focus. Run. I would rather start slow than start fast. Focus on the slow paced tunes at the beginning of the play list and get myself into rhythm.

Remember the hills in the first half but don't fear them. I can do this. I ran the hills on Kaua'i perfectly. I was strong and I will be strong again. They are just hills. I have trained for this and I have faith in my incline training. Remember all those times of running at a 10% incline? I did it. I succeeded. I can do this. I trained for this. I am ready.

I may encounter more wind around 8 miles since this is the windiest portion of the island. No worries. 99% of the time the wind goes in the direction that it will be at my back. If not, it will be refreshing and cool. Be strong. I will run my pace and not be propelled by the forces that be.

As I run the inclines, declines, twists, and turns I will look forward to the tunnel up on the course ahead at mile 12.5. This is a great marker as it is the almost halfway point and the course transition point. Once I make it through the tunnel, I will begin running an almost flat course. It may be hotter (okay, will be) but the hills are gone. I will continue to run smart, keep hydrating and refueling myself, and enjoy the ocean views.

Around mile 19 I will reach the half marathon turn around point and begin running the course I ran last year. I know this terrain. I ran this course and I will enjoy the run along Front Street and think of running it just the day before with my darling daughter. Once I exit Front Street, I am on my final stretch and yes, there may be that headwind again but this year, I know it is there. You won't surprise me twice.

As I make my way to the finish, I will look for my darling daughter, my mom, my aunt, and my dear hubby. I promised my daughter I would run by her and high five her before I cross the finish line. I will do my best to ensure this promise is kept and I will try not to be bawling my eyes out yet. Yes, I get emotional at the ends of races too. 


99 bottle of xxxx on the wall.....

via Google Images
99 bottles of nuun! (What did you think I was going to say?) Take 1 down, pass it around, 98 bottles of nuun on the wall! (Oh, and they really do have the lyrics to the original song online HERE. Amazing, the whole song....wow!)

This popped into my mind last night when I should have been settling down to sleep. I have race day on my mind and all I want to do is go out and run. Really, I want to run like crazy. But guess what I did this morning instead? I slept in. Am I crazy? Hopefully not. My left hammie is a little achy. I did a short easy run to warm it up yesterday afternoon so I could do some foam rolling to give it some love. Then I reset my alarm at the last minute thinking, my training is done. There is no more training I can do for Sunday. I am either prepared or not (I am thinking, prepared) so why push the darn leg. Let it rest. Let it get strong.

In terms of running miles I have done close to nothing recently but I haven't really taken a rest day. I read somewhere that those things are good for you and that housework, errands, etc. don't count as rest. Really?! They don't? I'm not running. But I do feel like I have been running non-stop the past few days as I have had so many things to do and the whirlwind of errands doesn't stop anytime soon. How does that sound for the days leading up to a marathon? 

So I decided to do what I can and if that means less miles to get more zzz's I need to get more zzz's. So please ignore that itty bitty run on my daily mile widget....it will be bigger soon!


What's Your Passion?

I love my family dearly so it is so hard for me to explain how passionate I am about running and how much running means to me. I truly love to run and even though I may drag my feet at the start of a run, I usually get into it in a reasonable amount of time. Okay, I honestly take a good 20-30 minutes to get into my happy running self. 

When I was pregnant my doctor quickly advised me to not run unless I could run without my feet making any impact. Hmmm...no doc, my feet do and will make impact. I was a nervous pregnant woman and had miscarried years ago so I blindly followed him. He knew best right? He was the doctor. In hindsight, he was an older doctor with older viewpoints and yes, running would have been fine. 

I don't regret the choices I made during my pregnancy but if I were to become pregnant again, I would do things differently. What I do regret is how long it took me to get out there and start running again. I wanted to and I worried about so many little things (like jostling my darling daughter too much in the jogging stroller). I searched extensively for mommy and me exercise groups to help provide me with the motivation and support I needed. I found a great one that was focused on running. All the moms got together and ran with their jogging strollers and did some fun strength building exercises with their little bundles of joy. Problem was --- the class was on another island. Oops....

I haven't returned to running yet
As time progressed I did get back out there and start running. I am finding ways to get it all squeezed into my hectic life. I have a huge love for running and I have a growing passion to share that with others and to inspire and support other running moms to do the same. There is no reason why a mom should sacrifice her time to better herself through fitness and health. It only makes her a better mom and a wonderful role model for her children and for society at large.

Jogging stroller used to walk to see pigs across the street
I find myself on the verge of asking how can I make a bigger impact? Am I doing all I can to support other running moms? Am I doing all I can do to support other running women? Do I dare propose taking on the task of leading a running group for women and moms? What do you think?

Mommy back to running again


Counting down the days

One week to go until my first marathon. I am excited. I am nervous. I am worried. But deep down inside I have faith that I will be fine. It may have hard times but I am determined to make it through each and every step!

image from nike.com
Today's running plan was a bit different. I didn't jump out of bed and immediately get the family geared up to push them out the day so I could start running as early as possible. I wanted to get acquainted with my new toy running gear. I now have the Nike+ GPS app and I want to run with it next week. So it was essential I did so today to work out kinks and get used to it.

Once I was all set and my darling daughter was fed her waffle with blueberries (I had a waffle with almond butter) we headed out. Dear hubby was in charge of play duty today and my darling daughter had her new love, her rolling skates, packed.

They dropped me off roadside and watched patiently as I got my app set up and ready to go. I waved them on and with a few starts and stops to get the volume right, I was off. Immediately I realized how much my body ached and it took me awhile to link it to roller skating with my darling daughter yesterday. It was her second day and I was literally holding her up while trying to maintain somewhat good posture. FYI: Great workout for biceps if you are interested.

My daughter's digital creation of me
It was hot today and I was glad. I knew it was impacting me as I definitely drank more of my nuun than I would if I started hours earlier. And yes, I was glad of this because I was now running in the time of day I would probably be hitting the second half of the marathon next week. It was a mental building exercise. If I can run 10 miles today on rolling hills then I can do 13.1 miles flat next week....and next week, I won't be roller skating with my darling daughter the day before.

My mind wandered like crazy today and I let it. I pondered so many things and it was wonderful to have time alone to think. I wasn't running with the intense joy I had last weekend but that is fine. Each run is different and today I reached my 10 mile goal. I had an overall pace of 10'31" (computed by the new Nike+ GPS app).

And for the next week, I look forward to reading your awesome blogs to stay inspired!


Running Intervals

Once again I am squeezing in workouts into my day so today I opted to run some intervals on my 10% incline treadmill. It was a great workout but I know my sensor has miscalculated distance. I love technology but it seems technology loses me when I run. Does that happen to you too?

My Garmin years ago would lose track of me even when running upcountry. I thought being closer to the sky would make me easier to find. Obviously not. And my Nike+ sensor loses me too. I realize the calculations aren't always perfect but the technology does provide me with a better means to track my progress and training. Therefore, I am thankful!

Today my Nike+ says I ran 1.38 miles with an overall pace of 12'22". I know I ran faster than my overall pace of 11'43" for my last incline run but hey, I'm not going to try to guess it. At least, not today.

Now to answer some questions I have had.

About this running skirt....Yes, it is indeed Nike and no, the tag didn't label the model name anywhere. I looked. But it really fits the description of the Nike Pacer running skirt I had been eyeing online. I love it! It is short, the boy shorts underneath stay in place well, and it has a back pocket my cell phone can fit in. It also has a side pocket on the inside of your right hip that I really don't use. But you may like it. I reviewed running skirts HEREHERE, and HERE.

Does my husband support my running? Yes but passively. Did he support me going to Kaua'i by myself to run and meet my hero. Yes. Did he text to wish me good luck before my race or text encouragement, support, questions post-race. Not really. Just one quick response when I told him I was done and waiting for my massage. He said "enjoy your massage". Does he complain about my running? At times but he has said it is because he feels I don't have time for him. Does he give up his running for me or to allow me more time to run? Nope so I just deal. It makes me stronger and I know he loves me.

Thanks for the questions! Now it is time to clean up and get ready for anniversary dinner. My darling daughter will be with dear friends who have great plans in store for her! She is going to have a blast!

Obliterating the hills!

Today is my dear hubby's and my 2nd anniversary! We were married on 9/9/09 (gotta love it) and I have to say, I am not an easy person to live with. My drive for perfection makes me a better runner but it probably definitely makes me a harder housemate.

So dear hubby, today I choose to tell you how special you are and how much you mean to me. We have had our hurdles with living on different islands, being in different countries, and yes, the road is bumpy now but we always persevere over the bumps. Each day I choose you. I choose to love you. I choose to be with you and if you look ahead, there is a smoother road that we can choose to take together. But I will never forget the bumps in our relationship because it is through those bumps that we have grown stronger and proved to the world that we make a good team. Wanna join me on the smooth road detour? Honestly, won't running downhill feel good after all that uphill running we have done?

Happy Anniversary my love!