You know you are a runner when....

What makes someone a runner? Easily defined....if you go out and run you are a runner. Period. Nothing more to say. Pace doesn't matter. You are a runner if you run.

So I should have said, you know you are a crazy, addicted runner when.....

And here is my definition of my craziness. When you always have a bag with your running gear in it along with shampoo, powder (love it after a shower), and a towel. In addition, in your purse you always carry your iPod with Nike+ sensor, fitbook, and some spare GU gels. Why? Do I really think I am going to go run 20 miles on a whim? Who knows but that is what it is with me, day in and day out.

Initially today I thought my post was going to be about my fears but we can tackle those later. It is much more inspiring to talk about how I missed my morning workout at the gym since my darling daughter woke up before I left and wanted/needed some mommy cuddle time. She always wins that one. My compromise with her was we would run together after school or I would hit the treadmill at home. She agreed and really, this almost always happens when we make this compromise. But as I got to work and the sun started to rise I could feel edginess building inside of me. No good for a productive work day when you are a crazy, addicted runner with races just around the corner.

What would you do? I texted my supervisor and told her I am going out for a quick road run. She said have fun, be safe and off I went. I didn't go far but I ended up running 3.36 miles with an overall pace of 8'27". The first half was slower than the second due to a crazy head wind but I am feeling much better now and can be super duper productive!

Run + This View = Happiness + Peace

And as part of the My Memories Suite v2 software giveaway, here is another example of something I created on the spur of the moment. My darling daughter is missing me at school so I thought sending her some family pictures would be nice. And no, I can't just print out pictures. Way too boring! So together we created this "scrapbook" page that she can keep in her cubby at school. I formatted the design to be printed on a standard-sized piece of paper and really got creative with all the images. Essentially, the only template was the background (minus the photo box and heart)

Don't you want to do this now?

You have until September 1st to enter the giveaway to get the digital scrapbooking software for free!

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