You all deserve a huge MAHALO

Or more traditionally known as a big THANK YOU!

I slept in today and woke up shortly before 5:00 am to head out to the gym for today's run. Although I was eager to go and felt well rested, as soon as I started my run my mind just wasn't getting into it. Today I was slated to do an easy run so perhaps that was the issue. I was bored with an easy pace and profile. Why are easy runs so hard for me?

Within 5 minutes I wanted to just go do something else so badly but knew I had to stick to my guns. I yearned to have someone with me to do this easy run with....someone to talk to.....someone to help make the time go by quicker. After a moment of feeling sorry for myself for being this isolated running mom it dawned on me that I really wasn't alone. And no, I am not thinking about the other people at the gym. I thought of my blog and the blogs I follow. I thought of all of your inspirational stories and having real stories to reflect on, and not the theorectical "you are not the only running mom", raised my spirits.

Although many stories and comments of encouragement passed through my mind, there were three ladies who really got me focused on what I had to do this morning.

I thought of TX Runner Mom (and all the others running in the heat) and counted my blessings that I wasn't stuck in a heat wave. If all of you can do it, I knew I had no excuse this morning.

I thought of Shellyrm ~ just a country runner who gets out there every day and gets it down. Honestly, I don't know how she does it but I am going to have to give this running every day a try sometime....and sometime soon. I already have plans of incorporating a strategy before the end of the year.

I thought of (RDM) Running Diva Mom and if she can find the time to run as a single mom, why am I letting my mind take the fun out of today's easy run?

Once again, there are countless others I could mention but know, you all deserve a huge MAHALO! for making today's run a success and helping me over my mental road block. And I didn't even give up when technology tried to knock me down by telling me my pace was slowing to a 15-minute or 20-minute mile. No, it really wasn't. I was maintaining the same pace throughout --- 9'20" --- and ran 6.97 miles before I had to meet up with dear hubby to get my darling daughter so he could go to work.


  1. good blog, had a read, really impressed. Women who run inspire me, greatly. I'm a follower, hopefully you can check out my blog, follow and give me some tips, I need them http://53000stepsandthenablog.blogspot.com/ x

  2. @53,00 STEPS! Mahalo and I will love to stop by your blog and say hi!


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