Weekend Update - Time Flies By!

How was your weekend? Did you get your runs in?

Saturday was a "rest" day for me but I really don't think I got much rest. My darling daughter had swimming lessons and that was a start to a whirlwind day. It was "whatever you want, darling daughter" day so after swimming we headed off to Subway. Yum! Then she decided she wanted to go to the aquarium so off we go. I couldn't get there quick enough for her. We made it home just in time to shower and go to church and then it was back home to making dinner and bed. Woah!

Sunday I ran an easy 7.28 miles with an overall pace of 9'11". It was a boring run at the gym but necessary as there was another full day ahead of me. I got home in time to do some reorganizing of darling daughter's toys, shower, and head off to the resort with my family. Dear hubby had an interview to do and we had complimentary Champagne Sunday Brunch. How could I say no? Afterwards we played at the pool a bit before heading home for me to get there just in time to attend a webinar (more on that to come later, I am sure!). Afterwards I thought I was going to have play time but it was shower time for darling daughter and cooking dinner time for me. Where does the time go?

Today I started with a 3.63 mile run with an overall pace of 8'33". It felt good to go a bit faster. My mind really likes it! I had some foam rolling time and realized, time is flying by again and I need to get focused on work!

Have a good Monday!

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