Thankful Tuesday

It is amazing how I can forget my one day of thanks for so many weeks. I am a compulsive person and remember so many other things. But here we go!

This week I am thankful for:
  1. My nice and easy run yesterday to work out body kinks. I ran 2.47 miles after work with an overall pace of 9'45". I was taking it easy because I noticed some tightness in my shins. This is a rarity for me but quite ironic since just the other day I was saying I opted not to buy compression socks since my calves and shins so rarely bother me. Go figure!
  2. My race schedule! I loved racing this past weekend and am so glad I have the half marathon trip in two weeks. I think it is helping to dampen my crazy, paranoid, first marathon thoughts and actions that are beginning to emerge. Oh yeah, I am terrified of eating anything new or meat for fear of getting food poisoning. Really?!
  3. Being tagged for a blogger award by Meg O (really, go check out her blog....I love it!).
Name your favorite color: Blue but ironically, I LOVE PINK clothes!

Name your favorite song: Your Man by Josh Turner (but not a good running song).

For running, anything with a beat but right now On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez is pretty cool but that just may be because I really don't listen to this song much and it is new.

Name your favorite dessert: Dark chocolate and red wine.

What wizzes you off: Lack of acceptance and appreciation. Everyone is different and that is what makes life so very awesome! I don't see why others can't just accept each other for who they are, what they are, and appreciate the differences. Can you imagine how boring life would be if we were all exactly the same?!

When you're upset you: Run, Cry, Turn up the music. Depends on what is bugging me. I have even run while crying with the music up loud.....that was the day I had to accept my Dad had leukemia and there was nothing in the world I could do about it. Yep, I really did run around the block crying my eyes out. Then I just ran and listened to the music.

Your favorite pet: We live in a rented house with no-mammal pet rules so I guess I am going to have to really love my darling daughter's pet goldfish, who she named Nemo. And yes, she does know Nemo is really a clownfish but what can I say? She was just turning 3 when she named the fish.

Black or white: Both! You have the presence of all color versus the lack of any color. It perfectly demonstrates the extremes of life; however, I choose to live in the color spectrum with so many shades of blues, pinks, purples, etc.

Your biggest fear: Failure. I want to live a good life I am proud of and that my daughter will be proud of. I really do want to make a positive impact on Earth and have some meaning to what I am doing. If only I could set tangible goals for this.

Best feature: My compassionate heart and ability to see anything from someone else's point of view.

Everyday attitude: Determined and strong. I know what I need to do each day and I know what I want to do each day. I try to make the need's and want's happen everyday.

What is perfection: Oh my....I feel we all strive for perfection but perfection doesn't really exist. I think it is a force that causes people to get too hard on themselves. I strive for the best that I can be, the best that I can do,  etc. and hope others do that too. I feel if we get too wrapped up in the word "perfection" we are just setting ourselves up to failure. Your vision of "perfect" will be so different from mine. I guess I could say this in the "glass half full" kind of way too, we are all perfect in what we do!

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate muffin. Oh how extremely decadent and terrible for me but at times, I just want some warmed up chocolate muffin!

Now who to tag? I don't know who has been tagged but I nominate:

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TX Runner Mom

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