Speed Intervals

Today my goal was to run 4 miles and as I headed out the door, I was feeling pretty good. I grabbed a Special K strawberry cereal bar and some diluted Gatorade as a pre-run snack. I immediately felt good to go and thought it was a good time to do some speed intervals, progressive style.

Essentially, I had a 5-minute "rest" interval of one pace and then did a 3-minute "work" interval at a faster pace. When I got to my next rest interval, I picked up my rest pace, when I got to my next work interval, I picked up my work pace. I have found this strategy not only provides a good workout but keeps treadmill running boredom at bay.

The end result:
4.06 miles with an overall pace of 8'26"

I am very happy with that! And check out my splits. I broke an 8-minute mile at the end and truly incorporated negative splits along the whole run.

I can't wait to run again but will hold enough until tomorrow.


  1. wooo hoo, awesome run!! Yay for negative splits :)

  2. @ Meg O, Many mahalos! Now I just need to incorporate the negative splits into my longer runs better.

  3. GREAT RUN! So glad you are feeling better. I just started to take running seriously this year. But I cant figure out all these training techniques. I am beginning to see where just running a certain amount of miles each day isnt cutting it. My times are even begging to drop. Its not the heat. I am getting up at 5:00 am to beat the heat. I have ran some 5k this summer in high temps and even set my PR, Running is alot more complicated than people realize.

  4. @ Carolina Girl, Keep up the running and improvements will happen. We all have good and bad days, trust me. If you have any questions, there is a lot of help out there and feel free to stop by and ask anything.

    One of my training loves right now is speed work and intervals. They really add something to the workout, take the focus off of miles completed, and get your legs going. Although, the long runs are also really good for me since I find with those I am truly able to let go and relax.


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