So long 3-day weekends.....you will be missed

This is my last Monday off. So very sad. Starting next Monday my darling daughter returns to school and I go back to a 5-day work week after being in a 4-day work week for almost 3 years. I am looking forward to 8-hour days again but will miss the 3-day weekends with my darling daughter, even those like this weekend that are full of uphill battles.

Today's challenge - potty training and naptime. So what does a running mom do? Propose a run! My sweet daughter eagerly agreed and was ecstatic we were going to run during naptime. We ended up doing a couple of laps around the block and she did great! That girl can run! (Although, I think I have said that before.)

The stats: 1.13 miles with an overall pace of 12'23". She is going to be so ready for the Front Street Mile come September!

Check out some of our fun escape from reality!

Pre-run stretching

Ready to go!

Downhill joy!

No Mommy, I cannot look at you....

Foot Action

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  1. That's why I currently love being a SAHM- at least until my baby is in school! Good luck going to back to full time work!
    Your Darling Daughter is just that, darling!!! So precious!!! Your an amazing example for her!


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