Running the Worries Away

I am coming to terms with my mandatory furlough days and am beginning to see opportunities around me that I can embrace during this phase of my life. What a great mindset to have with two big races just around the corner.

But let's talk running and focus on training!

I have done something different this week in goals. I have dropped all mileage goals and am focusing on just running on my running days. Of course, I know my mileage goals for race days. Why did I do this? Because I am getting bored and down on myself if I don't clock all the miles I set weeks ago. So to set myself up for success, I am building confidence and getting things done. Therefore, I feel better about myself and run more. Yep, I am performing a form of reverse psychology on myself.

Tuesday's run after work: I picked up my darling daughter from school and as she happily played school with all her stuffed animals, I hit the 10% incline treadmill with the goal to just do a mile or so. I just wanted to run something as I had plans for more running time today (thanks mandatory furlough). I ended up running 1.75 miles with an average pace of 10'58". If you just look at the pace you may think this is slow for me. And overall, it was an easy incline run for me. But I did pick up the pace a bit for two minutes starting 13 minutes into the run just to raise my heart beat some and to feel the adrenaline rush I love so much! I ended up burning 200 calories in this run. By the way, before the run I had a mix1 and can't wait until my new order of two cases arrives!

Today's run: I had so much fun with my run this morning. There was no pressure to be anyway afterwards at any particular time. Now that is a dream come true for a running mom! I ran 6.61 miles with an average pace of 9'05". I ran negative splits and really had fun picking up the pace in the last 5 minutes. Afterwards, I had some foam rolling love but really won't that left piriformis just let loose and relax!

What was/is your workout today?

Did you achieve your goals?

Have a great day!


  1. Fun AND negative splits? You go girl!

  2. Thanks Beth/B.o.B. I get the best rush when I push myself! I have been trying to do easy/recovery runs recently and they are boring me and draining my motivation. I needed the negative splits!


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