Running is Bliss!

I had the most amazing and fantastic run this morning!

After glancing briefly at the cover of my Runner's World magazine last night (can't wait to read it), I decided that an easy run would be next on my list. And that is what I did today, which is a really good idea since I plan to run 20-22 miles this Sunday.

I felt wonderful and every part of my body was in sync. It was almost 65 minutes of pure bliss! I could have gone on forever! Okay, maybe not forever but you know what I mean. Too bad I wasn't all set to do my long run today (but even if I had all the goodies I would have needed, I didn't have the time due to that work thing).

My run stats: 7.09 miles at an easy 9'10" overall pace.

Why was today's run so good? Perhaps because I got 8.5 hours of sleep last night. Perhaps it was the PopTart I ate this morning (oh so delicious). Perhaps it was just that my body was recovered and ready to go. Who knows but come Sunday, I am going to try to get plenty of sleep and eat a PopTart pre-run.

I'll let you know how it goes.

P.S. I found out my marathon race number and pondered that some this morning. Such a cool number! Read more here!

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  1. wow, 8.5 hours of sleep does make a big difference. I'm a big fan of poptarts too. Can't wait to hear about the long run!


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