Recovery Run - Check!

As much as I try to get 8 hours of sleep each night, it is so hard to accomplish. I got just under 7 hours last night before heading to the gym for my pre-work run.

My pesky muscle via Google images
My goal today was to take it easy and do a nice recovery run. My left piriformis is a bit achy and perhaps I should just put that icy hot patch on; however, those things really stick and hurt to pull off. The cheaper brand is so much better but I am stuck with a large package from Costco. Who would have thought that the "good" brand would hurt so much. Thing is, the patch usually wipes the whines out in one day so I think I am just being a wimp.

I ran 3.29 miles today at a pace of 9'52" (nice easy pace). I opted to cut the extra 15 minutes of time I had from running and focus on stretching and foam rolling. It was a great idea and quite meditative as well. I moved into the dark classroom that wasn't being used yet and did my stretching and rolling in low light. I could feel the stresses of life roll away and yes, that pesky muscle did release some but there still is that underlying achiness. This isn't new to me and I know I will be fine. It is just an annoyance but I guess it is part of the life of being a runner. It probably was unrealistic of me to want to run as much as I want to run and expect to never feel any aches.

What aches have you added into your life since you picked up running?


  1. So far, things are good except that a little bit of plantars kicks in. I am so invested in a foam roller. I hear the little roller makes such a difference.

  2. @ Carolina Girl, Yes, the foam roller is amazing and I am becoming more diligent using it after all runs....even those at the gym where a guy is doing crazy circuit training with chaotic breathing disrupting any meditative benefits! But good for him for getting it done!!!


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