My recent workouts

Life is busy and life is fun! However, the stress of life can become overwhelming and pushes me to drink those terrible diet cokes. Really? Why do I always fall into that trap?

So besides announcing a giveaway winner and launching a new giveaway, I have been taking care of myself. Yes, taking care of myself and that means more foam rolling love and some easier workouts. My left piriformis muscle must stop whining! (Help me please!)

Yesterday after work I headed over to the gym to do some intervals. I know, many of you may question if doing intervals can count as an easier workout but I think they can. I didn't up my speed as much as I usually do in intervals and good golly, they were just so much fun to do! The end result was 4.14 miles with an overall pace of 8'25". I ended my workout with the foam roller and then ended my night with a nice long massage. Thank Heaven for that! 

On a side note, I typically don't want to draw attention to others running on a treadmill at the gym and try to give them their privacy to do what they want to do. But how can one not notice a guy cranking up the treadmill speed so high I thought a jet engine was about to take off?! Seriously, I was waiting for him to fly off of the treadmill. I had to peek and have to say, I didn't know you could set a treadmill to the speed of 12. Did you?

Today I started my day off right with a little short run (just over a mile at a pace of 9'05"). I followed that up with some good ol' cycling (15 minutes and about 5.8 miles). Afterwards, I had 30 minutes of pure indulgence with some time with my trusty foam roller and lots of good old fashioned stretching. That darn muscle is still aching but what can I do? Compression shorts and ice? The shorts hide nicely under my dress for when I am at work. :)

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