Mission Accomplished

Today I took on my training goal of running 20-22 for the second time. My first attempt was weeks ago and I failed to go much further than my last 20 mile run. In hindsight, I think it was because I was already on the verge of becoming really sick; although, I didn't realize it at the time. Read about the day before my attempt HERE. What do you think? Was I sick for that first attempt at 20-22 miles?

I was determined to succeed today because I really needed the mental confidence going into the Maui Marathon on September 18th. The way my training/racing calendar is stacked, today was my last day to do a 20+ mile. Ironically, church last night helped set my mind in the right direction as we pondered the meaning of perseverance. Oh yes, those sermons can apply to all aspects of life, trust me.

I woke at 5:00 am and went through my checklist.

I even tried to slowly move to the car that my dear hubby was already in with the engine running. Not because I didn't want to run but because I didn't want to run in the dark solo. The plan was for him to drop me off and we were going to meet up later so he could run the final miles with me. But still, I started my run in the dark which had me a bit wary but I figured I would be fine. The sun was about to rise in about 20 minutes, if not sooner. So off I went!

To make things really cool, I was running today to my new Marathon play list I made last night to give it a test. I purposely started the list with slower beat songs to help me start slow. I then incorporated the higher beat and more motivational songs as well as my spiritual, relaxing and empowering songs where I felt applicable. I can get bored listening to the same play list so I won't use this one again until the Maui Marathon. And by the way, it passed the test of appropriateness for my running.

My running plan was simple. Take it easy. My goal was to finish with the feeling that I could run more. I wasn't focused on pace and even resisted the urge to check in on it. I didn't want to get competitive with myself and increase the pace. I really wanted to try to incorporate negative splits at about 13 miles but thought that could hinder me reaching my first goal: to finish feeling I could run more. I needed that mental boost more than I needed to prove to myself that I could incorporate negative splits.

I was carrying my sports bottle (which is really a 20 oz, not a 32 oz) with nuun. I had an extra nuun tablet stashed for my refilling. I was carrying 5 GU gels but I only took four....one every four miles and I did the final 6+ miles without another GU.

I felt great! Not once did I feel I couldn't continue. As I review my splits there are areas where I slowed but some of that was me purposely slowing down to allow dear hubby to catch up after grabbing his water bottle from the car, after his emergency potty break, and when I found out he was hurting. I felt it was right to stay by his side and not push him.

I even veered off towards the end to say HI to a good friend I haven't seen in months! And you always know who your true friends are when they hug you even after you warn them you are all sweaty.

My dear hubby ended his run before me (he was really hurting) and I wrapped up the end of my run at 22.07 miles with an average pace of 9'34".

Not my fastest pace but I am really happy with my run today. And you know what, I would be happy if I maintained that same pace throughout the marathon! I will get more competitive when I do my second!

Happy Running!

P.S. I have been given the opportunity to try out, review, and host a giveaway of some digital scrapbooking software. So far, I am really impressed! Look for that in the days to come.


  1. Nice job on the long run. Looks like your last 4 miles were strong and your last mile the fastest- WAY to GO. Keep up the training and you will have a great first marathon.

  2. Running 22 miles will give you some extra confidence in the last miles of the marathon. Great pace!

  3. Thanks Matt and I hope to hear you talk at the EXPO!

    Tina, yes, I am feeling much more confident now. I feel I am ready to go. My goal is to remain healthy and strong until race day. Sleep, eat well, run, recovery, repeat.


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