Maui Marathon - T minus 47 days

As my darling daughter would say "Where on Earth" has July gone? Ironically, when I look at June's report, I see I made the same comment about June. Time must really fly by!

My stats for July aren't exactly where I hoped them to be since I lost a week due to that incredibly nasty stomach/intestinal thing. The doctors have formally labeled it a "really bad virus". (I could have told you that.) But I am focusing on the positive that within a week I was back to running.

Now for July's stats:
I ran 113.08 miles. I ran all 4 of my long runs (15.11 miles, 20.13 miles, 10.3 miles, 20.14 miles). I ran 3 medium runs (distances must be between 5-10 miles). I had 8 short runs where I really focused on speed work and I incorporated some cross training with cycling. Overall, my run average was 3.49 runs per week but if you exclude the week I wasn't running due to illness it was 4.5 runs per week. This is down from my average of 4.9 runs per week in June but on non-running days, I did cross train so I am okay with that. I had no races scheduled in July and am missing racing. I do have a race scheduled in August - Beat the Heat 10K on the 20th!

My upcoming training is focused on maintaining my fitness level and being prepared for a half marathon on September 4th and the marathon on September 18th. I don't have a training calendar for you yet as I am desperately looking at it and deciding what adjustments are best to factor in the missed week.

July Newbies: A pair of Saucony running shoes so now I can alternate between what I run in. I am loving that!

And how did I do on July's hurdles:
  • Overcoming mental challenge of increasing run mileage into the 20's - DONE
  • Nutritional goals - eliminating diet coke and alcohol from my diet (or at least, seriously cutting it back) - MUCH BETTER
  • Ensuring I have the time to increase weekly running time and still be attentive to my family - DONE

August's Hurdles:
  • Overcoming the mental road block and gain the confidence that I can go the additional 6 miles on marathon day.
  • Continue to decrease the diet cokes I consume.
  • Staying healthy by ensuring I get enough rest (while still having time for my loved ones).

P.S. the fitbook winner has been announced but do not fear, if you want one, they are available at fitbook by fitlosophy and I will be giving another one away at 50 followers. Please note, the fitbook PINK will not be available for sale until October.


  1. Your amazing!!! You really have had a busy month!!! I had to laugh when I read your goal for August about lowering your diet coke intake ;) I think I do this goal monthly. I win some and lose some ;)! The rest thing is a quandary for me- my silly 12 month old thinks Mommy doesn't need that! :) Good luck with all your August goals, I hope you achieve them all!! And remember to celebrate even the SMALL milestones!

  2. WOW you're getting so close!!
    You will have no problem with the 6.2, so put that out of your head. On race day, the miles run together anyway.
    Take care of yourself. The hard work is DONE!

  3. @ Courtney - Thanks for the vote of confidence for the final 6.2. I just need to wrap my mind around it and now the adrenaline will help me. There was a time when I was "oh my, I am going to run 45 minutes" and now it is "yeah, I only have about 45 minutes left". I just need to remember to keep my mental strength.


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