Killer Run

Look what I got about 17 miles ago!
I foolishly had two glasses of wine last night and stayed up too late; therefore, 4:00 am was just too early. Instead I slept an additional 45 minutes and vowed to get out of work early to run on my way home. My goal was to head out of work by 3:00 pm but in all reality, it was probably closer to 3:15 pm when I got into my car, geared up and ready to run.

I had 4 miles slated on my plate today and intended to do them all. But I also wanted to have fun. So I decided to run as fast as I could handle for 30 minutes and see how many of those 4 miles I could squeeze in there. If I did a 7'30" pace the whole time it would be a perfect fit. Thing is, I couldn't instantly get myself running that fast. I had to warm-up into it.

My first mile was 8'03". Pretty good pace for me but not fast enough for my goal. I had to pick up the pace.

Mile 2 was 7'31". I was pretty much on track with what my overall pace should be but I had to shave off some seconds to squeeze the rest of my distance in. I tried to pick up my pace more and I was running hard. However, I ended up doing the last two miles at 7'33". I had slowed down some and really cranked it up to pick up the pace at the end.

The end result: I didn't get the full 4 miles into the 30 minutes but I continued running hard until I completed all 4 miles. Afterwards, I slowed to a recovery pace of approximately 9'30". My final distance was 4.46 miles and my overall pace (including cool down) was 7'51".

I was exhausted and had to sit to catch my breath and drink my chocolate whey protein shake before jumping into the car to drive home.

It was a great run and I look forward to running 7 miles tomorrow before work!

P.S. The 1,000 miles --- those are just the ones I have logged with Nike+.


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