Kaua'i Half Marathon - T minus 5 days

I posted a little about the Kaua'i Marathon HERE but felt it is time for a deeper look into this wonderful race and weekend that is just around the corner.

I will be running the Half Marathon since on September 18th I am slated to run my first marathon. The idea did run through my head last night to just go for it, upgrade to the full and do it. But no, I won't. Why? Because my mom is coming all the way from Texas and my aunt is coming all the way from Michigan to see me run (okay, see me run the final minute or so) on the 18th. Therefore, marathon....you have just a bit longer to become my new race distance and time PR.

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So for today, let's focus on the Kaua'i Half Marathon....commencing at 6:00 am on September 4th. Why am I running this? Because of Dean. Yep, Dean Karnazes. I find him extremely motivational since I watched Ultramarathon Man 50 Marathons 50 States 50 Days. I knew he was going to be on Kaua'i and when he wrote he wouldn't be able to make it to Maui this time and "invited" me to Kaua'i, I couldn't say no. And my wonderful dear hubby is totally supporting me in this. (And I am feeling guilty for leaving my dear family for two days and taking my first night away from my darling daughter since she was born....that is about 1,280 nights that I have always been with her.)

The race is at the southern tip of Kaua'i in a place called Poipu. I have been to Kaua'i before but never to this region so I am very excited to see some new scenery! The first 11 miles of the marathon and half marathon are along the same course and both start at the same time. Very cool! The map posted on the Kaua'i Marathon website is below. Nice loop, huh? At mile 11, those who are running the full marathon will veer off to the west before heading back to the finish.

You can even view video footage of the half marathon (and full marathon course) HERE. Check it out! What parts looks the most amazing to you? What do you think about that tree tunnel?!

Some part of me is looking forward to the "restful" weekend but I do question how I will hold up with no family around and so much quiet time. I will not be doing the Carbo Load party even though the family is at home. Just can't justify spending that much on pasta. And I may be able to get to bed at a decent hour and get some rest....maybe. My race goal is not to set a PR (although a part of me really wants to beat my PR from February 2011 at the Race for the Whales). My race goal is to incorporate negative splits and to not miss my family too much at the finish line.

Hawaii (or the Big Island) is currently on the hot spot and is the youngest island

You may think of Kaua'i as some little Hawaiian island in the middle of the Pacific. In some regards you are right, but this little "garden isle" has incorporated some great technology with this race. I loved seeing the course video footage and think it is really cool they will be streaming the start and finish of the race HERE.

So what do you think? Wanna run with me?

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