Kaua'i Half Marathon --- Just over a week away!

Recently I found my motivation level to be low and I think it is because my runs and workouts are boring right now. I am in a training phase where I am no longer working to build up mileage or speed but maintaining myself and preparing for my next two races.

Today's workout: I ran 3.17 miles at an overall pace of 9'31". I followed this up with some foam rolling and stretching.

So in an attempt to lift my spirits (and not succumb too much to my Maui Marathon anxiety that is building) I am going to focus on the Kaua'i Half Marathon!

Race Day: September 4, 2011

Location: Kaua'i, the fourth largest of the main Hawaiian islands, which is lovingly referred to as the "garden isle".

image from wikipedia - Kauai
Personal Running Goal: Run and have fun. Start smart and run negative splits.

I wish I could say more but like I said, my motivation is low and I am kinda in a funk. But I can't wait to see the beauty of Kaua'i but on the other side, I am dreading being away from my darling daughter for 38 hours. It really is breaking my heart even though logically I know dear hubby can take care of her.

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