Is Appreciation Endangered?

One of my favorite bloggers (okay, I you are all my favorites!) posted about balancing an undying love of running and intense training with your significant other. Read the post at Watch MeGo Run.

It got me thinking about my running life and my loved ones and how hard it is to balance it all. Then as I was supposed to be drifting off to sleep to try to get at least 7 hours of slumber, I began to ponder appreciation. (Hang in there, this will come back to running.)

In all reality, our needs are different but it is human nature to give what we would want to receive, right? Whether my dear hubby realizes it or not, I give him a wonderful running gift and that is that he can run when he wants. He runs after works and I take care of our darling daughter and dinner plans. I make arrangements for child care, etc. so he can run in races or run with me on Sundays. I even go as far as preparing his sports drink mix. In return, all I want is appreciation. I really don't need him to go as far and give me back all I give him (although freedom to run whenever would be cool) because I am quite picky on my run preparation. However, if anyone was attentive and observant enough to see what gels I like, how many I want to carry, and to prepare a nuun (and perhaps pack an extra tablet for my longer runs) and go as far as prepping this I would be really impressed and appreciative.

So here is what I am appreciative for today:
  • I appreciate the nice lady who gave me a couple oranges at the gym since she had extras from her tree.
  • I appreciate winning the giveaway at run Courtney run! Check out my goodies I received yesterday below.
  • I appreciate my past two days of cross training where I have combined cycling, stairclimbing, and so much foam rolling to work out all my piriformis kinks. I really needed to focus on this in preparation for all of my upcoming races but I am looking foward to actually running again!

And for giving what I would like to receive:
  • I may not always do this. Although I would love a new running skirt and Brooks running shoes, I won't give that to my mom for her birthday. Not her cup of tea!
  • But I will give a wonderful gift of a fitbook, PowerBar products, and a Blender bottle to one lucky follower! Enter the giveaway today!
Thanks Courtney! and Good luck in your fundraising!


  1. awww thanks for the kind words! Glad you found things to appreciate and I'm sure hubs does appreciate all you do!

  2. Anonymous2:29 AM

    I'm glad it arrived and sorry it took so long! Life is a little crazy over here

  3. @ Courtney, everything takes time in Hawaii! And by the way, I think good things are always worth waiting for and my darling daughter has already called dibs on the bag!

  4. @ Meg O, thanks for the kind works and I do know dear hubby does appreciate things. It is just nice to hear. :)


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